Slides Framework

Full List of Ministries

  • NVBC Staff
    GSBC Staff
    NVBS Staff
    North Valley Publications
    NVBC Bookstore
    KNVBC - Revival Radio
    NVBC Choir
    NVBC Orchestra
    NVBC Bus Mechanics
    GSBC Choir
    NVBC Deacons
    GSBC Chapel
    Missions Prayer Meeting
    Church Prayer Meeting
    Teen Assembly
    Pee Wee Pirates
    1st Grade Patch
    2nd Grade Patch
    3rd & 4th Grade Patch
    5th-6th Grade Patch
    Men’s Prayer
    Bus 1
    Bus 2
    Bus 3
    Bus 4
    Bus 5
    Bus 6
    Bus 7
    Bus 8
    Bus 9
    Bus 10
    Bus 11
    Bus 12
    Bus 15
    Bus 20
    Bus 21
    Bus 22
    Bus 23
    Bus 25
    Bus 26
    Bus 27
    Bus 28
    Bus 29
    Faithfulness Rally
    NVBC Security
    GSBC Security
    Student Employment
    Sunday Morning Service
    Sunday Evening Service
    Wednesday Evening Service
    SS Teachers’ Meeting
    Tuesday Night Soul Winning Mtg
    Cradle Nursery
    Eager Explorers
    Lively Learners
    Teachable Toddlers
    NVBS Cheerleaders
    NVBS Honor Society
    3-year olds
    3-year olds
    4-year olds
    K-5 Boys (A)
    K-5 Girls (A)
    1st Grade Boys (A)
    1st. Grade Girls (A)
    K-5 (B)
    1st Grade Boys (B)
    1st Grade Girls (B)
    2nd Grade Boys (A)
    2nd Grade Girls (A)
    3rd Grade Boys (A)
    3rd Grade Girls (A)
    2nd Grade Boys (B)
    2nd Grade Girls (B)
    3rd Grade Boys (B)
    3rd Grade Girls (B)
    4th Grade Boys (A)
    4th Grade Girls (A)
    5th Grade Girls (A)
    5th-6th Grade Boys (A)
    6th Grade Girls (A)
    4th-6th Grade Boys (B)
    4th-6th Grade Boys (B)
    4th-6th Grade Girls (B)
    4th-6th Grade Girls (B)
    7th-8th Grade Girls (A)
    7th - 8th Grade Boys (A)
    9th-10th Grade Boys (A)
    9th-10th Grade Girls (A)
    11th Grade Girls (A)
    11th Grade Boys (A)
    12th Grade (A)
    7th & 8th Grade Boys (B)
    7th & 8th Grade Girls (B)
    9th- 12th Grade Boys (B)
    9th-12th Grade Girls (B)
    Ambassadors Bible Class
    Homebuilders Class
    Cornerstone Bible Class
    Crossroads Singles’ Class
    Filipino Bible Class
    Indian Bible Class
    Lifeline Bible Class
    Lighthouse Bible Class
    Open Door Bible Class
    Seekers Bible Class
    Single Purpose Bible Class
    Spanish Adults
    2 Committed Couples’ Class
    Sunday Evening School of the Bible
    Valley House
    Wiggle Worms
    Kindergarten Church (A)
    Primary Church (A)
    Preschool Class (B)
    Beginner Church (B)
    Primary Church (B)
    Junior Church (B)
    Teen Church (B)
    GSBC Men’s Dorm
    GSBC Ladies’ Dorm
    GSBC Dining Hall
    NVBC Sound Ministry
    GSBC Distance Learning
    NVBC Media Ministry
    Maintenance Department
    NVBS Basketball Team
    NVBS Student Council
    NVBS K-5 Class
    NVBS 1st Grade
    NVBS 2nd Grade
    NVBS 3rd Grade
    NVBS 4th Grade
    NVBS 5th Grade
    NVBS 6th Grade
    NVBS 7th & 8th Grade
    NVBS 9th Grade
    NVBS 10th Grade
    NVBS 11th Grade
    NVBS 12th Grade
    Spanish Children & Teens
    GSBC Traveling Groups
    Ladies’ Soul winning
    Special Music
    Revival Time Broadcast
    GSBC Bible Clubs
    GSBC Nursing Home Ministries
    GSBC Sunday School Class