Day 4 - Alumni and Antique Meeting Bookmark and Share

We headed to Iloilo Baptist Church around 10:15AM to meet many of the pastors North Valley Baptist Church supports here in the Philippines. What a wonderful sight to see these men of God pose for a group picture. Nearly 5 years ago after hearing Bro. Rick Martin’s desire to reach the entire Philippine Islands with the Gospel, Pastor Trieber pledged to help Iloilo Baptist Church start 400 churches. To date, North Valley has helped start 148 churches. With God's help, we will reach that 400 mark. It's been estimated these churches in the Philippines win one soul to Christ every 23 minutes. After the group picture, we were introduced to the new pastors North Valley began supporting in 2010.

Lunch today was at the Promenade located on the 4th floor of our hotel. Again, a nice meal. After lunch, we started our trek to Antique. The drive there was very long (nearly 3 hours) and at times very rough. Thankfully, we arrived safely without any incidents. The group stopped several times along the way to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. The plan in Antique was to invite people to attend a showing of the film, "The Burning Hell." Due to the very heavy rains, no visitors were able to make it to the church property. Our group watched the film while waiting for the faithful members to attend for the 7:00PM service. Nearly 40 faithful church members were present when we started the service. Bro. Apusen preached from John chapter 1 on being a voice for God. When the service ended, Pastor Leody Solomon honored our group with gemstones cut from the local area. In addition, the congregation prepared a delicious meal for us. We thanked the church for their hospitality and began the journey back to our hotel. We finally arrived at midnight. Pray for our group as we head for Negros Island tomorrow to help a pastor start a church.
It is now 1:00AM and this blogger is signing off. Bro. Moyer’s job, however, has just begun…