Day 5 - Road Trip & New Church Bookmark and Share

We boarded the Sea Wheeler at 10:00AM this morning to travel to the Negros Island. Our boat ride lasted for nearly an hour and a half followed by an additional two-hour bus ride to the hotel. To reach our final destination, we traveled 30 minutes by jeepney. As you can see from the pictures, the guys chose the roof seats! When we finally arrived at our destination, we had a 20-minute walk through the rain awaiting us. Unfortunately, we didn't have umbrellas. Along the way, Chris Shattuck managed to convince a farmer to let him ride his water buffalo. Upon arrival, we were soaking wet. Over 50 adults and children had gathered to greet our delegation. The children sang Christian songs in Ilonggo while our group sang the English equivalent. The church currently meets under a tree with a tarp tied on the branches to provide shelter from the sun and rain. This church will have its first official service tomorrow morning at 8. Chris Shattuck, Andrew Brown and Kim Cookson each gave a testimony. After the service was over, we took plenty of pictures and gave away much candy.

Then, we returned down the muddy road to head back to town. Our group passed out tracts and invited people to the first service. Several were saved and many promised to attend the church service tomorrow! We left the town around 6:30PM.

Dinner was at a restaurant near our hotel. Andrew Brown accidentally ate some hot peppers, which provided our group with some comic relief at Bro. Brown’s expense. We are fairly tired tonight after such a long day of traveling. We'll begin our journey to the church tomorrow at 6:30AM. So it’s time to hit the sack to get some much needed rest. Until then, good night. . .