Day 7 - Public Schools Bookmark and Share

At 6:30AM, we split into two groups and headed to separate public schools. The first group included Mike Moyer, Andrew Brown, Joe Destefano, and Lora Singun. The second group consisted of Tom Apusen, Chris Shattuck, Kimberly Cookson, and Sam and Rossana Gomez. Both groups were in attendance at the 7:00AM opening assemblies for each school. Andrew Brown spoke to nearly 1000 students with approximately 500 students making a decision to trust Christ for salvation. Additionally, Bro. Shattuck and Bro. Apusen spoke to about 2000 students with approximately 700 students trusting Christ as their Savior. The Gospel was preached in English, Tagalog, and Ilonggo. After the opening assemblies, both groups traveled to other schools to present the plan of salvation.

Upon arrival, Bro. Moyer presented the gospel to a group of 500 students with 300 trusting Christ as Savior. Additionally, Bro. Apusen spoke to a group of 500 students with nearly 300 trusting Christ as Savior. After a quick lunch at Mang Inasal, we traveled to Feliza High School to preach the Gospel. Bro. Moyer, Bro. Shattuck, Bro. Brown and Miss Cookson went from classroom to classroom and shared the Gospel to nearly 350 students. Most of the students made the decision to trust Christ as their Savior. It is unbelievable how receptive the students in the Philippines are to the Gospel. In five hours, we were able to present the Gospel to over 4350 student with approximately 2100 trusting Christ as their Savior! Local pastors will be following up with those who heard the Gospel today. What a wonderful way to complete this incredible week!

We caught the 2:30PM ship that took us back to Iloilo. Back at the hotel we met up with Ricky Martin, his wife Brandie and their son TJ. They took us to dinner at a nice restaurant next door to the hotel. After dinner, Bro. Moyer, Bro. Apusen and Bro. Brown interviewed Bro. Rick Martin about his life and ministry. He spoke of many insightful thoughts and events from his childhood days to the present. Indeed, we were blessed to have spent time with this great man of God. Tomorrow, Lord willing, is our last day in the Philippines. We've scheduled some shopping time to bring back some “pasalubong” or gifts to our loved ones and friends in the U.S. Until then, good night...