Day 8 - Manila and Travel Bookmark and Share

At 7:30 AM, we left our hotels in Iloilo to head to the airport for a short 1 hour flight to Manila. Upon arrival in Manila, we checked some of our baggage onto San Francisco and headed out for a day of shopping. The ride to Green Hills shopping Center was full of new sights for the first-time visitors to Manila. Manila is a bustling metropolis with much poverty.

Our first stop in Green Hills was the Starbucks coffee where we enjoyed a Filipino masterpiece, the Bonaffee Pie, along with our coffee. Our group enjoyed bargaining with the merchants at Green Hills to get the best price on our gifts and souvenirs. We all came away with great deals. After Green Hills, we made a quick stop to SM Supermarket where we picked up Filipino goodies to take back to loved ones. The day would have not been complete without being stuck in Manila traffic, and we were not disappointed at all. :)

We left the beautiful land of the Philippines on Tuesday night at 10:30 PM, and after a 13+ hour flight we landed on Tuesday at 8:30 PM (It made for one long day). It was a great trip for all of us. We were able to see God do great things, and our hearts were challenged and moved. We appreciate the hospitality of Dr. Rick Martin and all those we met along the way.

Until next time...