Travel & Day 1 - Arriving in Uganda

After about 40 hours in the airport and on airplanes, We've finally arrived! Our trip started at about 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning when our luggage was loaded onto the college shuttle, we proceeded to San Francisco airport for our first leg of the journey. The first flight took us to Chicago O'Hare airport where we had an unexpected delay. This delay caused us to miss our connecting flight in Brussels, Belgium which cost us another 10 hours. We had to adjust our plans and head to London to catch a flight to take us to our final destination of Uganda. After 40 hours of travel, only one piece of luggage was missing. The trip was long and exhausting, but we Praise the LORD for Philip, a Ugandan man, who was led to the LORD during one of those flights.

Bryan and Cherri Stensaas, along with their son Matt and daughter-in-law Keilah and grand kids, met us at the airport. Along the way, we were able to see the beautiful countryside of Uganda. We stopped for a delicious garlic chicken meal before heading to Keith Stensaas' ministry in the city of Masaka. God has given him a church building, an orphanage and a radio station that reaches out to much of Uganda. From there we headed to Mbarara to attend the Wednesday church service at Bro. Bryan Stensaas' church. Bro. Apusen preached on the subject of moving forward in our Christian life.

After the service our group was each given a Rolex—not the kind you wear but the kind you eat. It was a delicious egg dish. The Stensaas family have already been wonderful hosts.

We are all looking forward to a good night's rest. Until the next timeā€¦