Day 2 - life in Africa & ministries

Culture is what distinguishes one country from another. This morning we divided up into 3 teams and headed to the market area of Mbarara. Bro. Stensaas gave us an assignment to interact with the local people by going to the different stores and talking to the local merchants. This exercise allowed us to gain a little bit of insight on why Ugandans do what they do. We learned valuable lessons about the Ugandan culture. Years of experience has allowed Bro. Stensaas to be effective as a missionary and has given him wisdom in dealing with them. We also had opportunities to share the Gospel during this time.

In the afternoon, we were introduced to Word of Life Radio, a ministry of Independent Baptist Church of Mbarara pastored by Bro. Bryan Stensaas. In Uganda, many people listen to the radio, and this ministry has been used of God to see people saved and churches started. After the tour, we were privileged to be recorded for a broadcast at Word of Life Radio. It was a thrill to be able to share our salvation testimonies to the people of Uganda. Part of this broadcast will be aired on KNVBC - Revival Radio.

We then visited Independent Baptist Church of Mbarara pastored by Bro. Brian Stensaas. He showed us around the orphanage which is under construction. This orphanage will house 50 orphans. The goal for this ministry is to evangelize, educated and send these children back to their hometowns as preachers and a witness for Christ.

Bible translations also takes place at the church complex. Matt Stensaas, heads up this work. Their vision is to see the KJV Bible translated into the Runyankore language which would allow millions of Ugandans in the area to read the Bible in their own language. The translation process is very tedious and takes many screening processes to make sure that the Bible is translated accurately. Four Books of the New Testament have been translated in 4 years but with new technology, they are looking at increasing that pace to where they will be able to translate the rest of the New Testament in about a year's time.

Much of the work that is done by the Stensaas family is pioneering in nature. Uganda has lost her spiritual foundation and it is great to see this family, by the grace of God, rebuilding this foundation for the next generations.

Our days have been filled so far with learning the daily grind of missionary life. It has made us more appreciative of the work the Stensaas family are doing here in Mbarara.

Until next timeā€¦