Day 4 - Soulwinning

By 9:00 we were off to Independent Baptist Church for their soulwinning meeting. Trevor Gilreath gave the soulwinning challenge this morning. It was amazing to hear him go through most of the doctrines of the Bible in just 20 minutes and this is with an interpreter. Seriously, it was a blessing.

After the soulwinning meeting, we divided up into 2 groups. Trevor Gilreath, Jordan Gilreath, Mike Moyer along with Pastor Eliab and 3 other members of Bro. Stensaas' church went to the village of Kyahi. They went soulwinning in the city and saw people saved. Bro. Moyer went with Pastor Eliab and took pictures of the villagers. The pictures will be placed on a CD, and Pastor Eliab will invite the village people to show them the pictures and give them the Gospel. Pastor Eliab was saved in prison and is doing a great work reaching people with the Gospel. Jordan Gilreath was given the opportunity to teach a Bible lesson to a group of children that gathered together at the church.

Tom Apusen, Mike Strouf, Jen Strouf and Barbara Kiel divided up into 3 groups to go soulwinning in the surrounding area of Independent Baptist Church pastored by Bro. Stensaas. Souls were saved from all 3 groups and hundreds of Gospel tracts and John/Romans Bibles were given to people living from many parts of Uganda. Some people we gave tracts and Bibles to live as far as 6 hours away.

The Ugandan people are friendly and openly received the materials we were giving away.

After lunch, we headed over to a Kakiika Prison where Matt Stensaas has a thriving ministry. He and his wife have a ministry to both the inmates and prison guards. His wife Keilah teaches Bible to the children of the prison guards and their parents are very appreciative of the work that she is doing with them. Bro. Matt has Bible studies with the inmates on Tuesdays and with the officers on Sundays. Many inmates have been saved through this ministry. Pastor Eliab is one of them. Due to security reasons, we were not able to take many pictures of the prison complex.

Ugandan missionaries go through electrical outages and water shortages, and Bro. Stensaas is not immune to those inconveniences. Water sometimes has to be gathered in containers and pumped into the storage tanks in order for them to be able to take showers, etc.

For dinner, the Stensaas family treated us to another delicious home-cooked meal. Tonight was a BBQ meal and homemade ice cream. Our group cannot say that we are not being fed well. In fact, we are being fed too much, but you won't find us complaining.

Until next timeā€¦