Day 8 - Villages 2

At 10:00 AM our group divided up into 2 groups and switched destinations from yesterday. Mike Moyer, Trevor Gilreath and Jordan Gilreath along with Matt Stensaas headed to Rubindi. Tom Apusen, Mike Strouf, Jen Strouf and Barbara Kiel along with Bro. Bryan Stensaas headed to Ruhunga.

The Ruhunga team helped Pastor Robert make visits, pass out tracts and invite people to their Wednesday night service. After making visits and passing out tracts, our team was treated to a delicious meal prepared by Pastor Robert's wife. We had rice, beef soup, matooke and avocado.

Pastor Robert got saved through the radio ministry and after salvation rode 20 miles one way on a bicycle every Sunday to Independent Baptist Church for 3 years. He also traveled the same number of miles every Saturday for discipleship program which lasted for 18 weeks. After the discipleship program, he enrolled in the Bible Institute and has been riding his bicycle for the last 2 years the same number of miles. Pastor Robert recently started a church in his home town of Ruhunga and this afternoon was his first Wednesday night service. The service started at 4:30 PM and there were about 25 adults present and about 40 children. Bro. Apusen preached on the subject of salvation. There were many visitors. To have so many in church was a miracle as other pastors from other churches (non-Baptist) have been going around the village telling the people not to attend his services.

The radio ministry and discipleship program of Independent Baptist Church have been greatly used of God to reach people with the Gospel and to start church here in Uganda. To date, Bro. Stensaas and his Bible Institute students have been able to start about 20 churches in Uganda. When Bro. Stensaas came to Uganda, he was the only BIMI missionary here. Today, there are 18 missionary families on this field.

The Rubindi team spent the day soulwinning with Pastor Vincent and Bro. Major, a faithful church member. They were both in the Pentecostal church before they found the truth. The pastors of the Pentecostal churches in the area are trying to make it difficult for Bro. Vincent. We went to some houses that shut the door when they saw Pastor Vincent coming, because they were doing what their pastors instructed them to do. This is not the norm in Uganda. Typically, people are very friendly and open to visitors and will many times invite the visitors inside the house. However, even though Pastor Vincent is facing persecution, he is persevering and God is blessing. We were able to see souls saved today, while out soulwinning.

The people here are so hospitable and gracious. Jordan Gilreath was being kind to some children and gave them each some candy and a penny. The mother tried to give him some eggs to thank him. He told her she didn't have to do that, so she sent one of her boys high up in the tree to pick some fresh avacados for Jordan.

During the evening service we were able to see 2 visitors that came because of the past 2 days of soulwinning. The church is still young and meets outside on the property of Bro. Vincent. For the Wednesday evening service, Trevor Gilreath and Mike Moyer both gave a short sermon encouraging the members to stay faithful to God even during adversity. Pastor Vincent closed up the evening service with a challenge from Romans 10. It was great to see the zeal this pastor and church has to reach their village for Christ.

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