Mendy Brockman

What to pray for

Hands & Fingers

Please pray Mendy can regain use of her hands and fingers once again.

Pain Relief

Pray for relief from the extreme pain Mendy is suffering at this time.


Pray the doctors will know how to best care for Mendy and wisdom in how they communicate with the family.


Pray for Jason, Mendy's husband, and the 4 precious Brockman children - Alana, Ainsley, Analiese, and Jack.

Recent Update

Monday, july 13, 2015


Below are pictures of Mendy's Doctors and Therapists that we want to pray for:


Dr. Glen House: He is our main Doctor and has been a big help. He has the same injury that Mendy does and is in a wheelchair as well.
Dr. Pio Guerrero: Great Filipino Doctor that backs up Dr. House.
Kathy Graef: Kathy, Mendy's main Physical Therapist has been a huge help. She is working Mendy hard.
Sarah: Sarah is Mendy's main Occupational Therapist. (Helps teach how to brush teeth, eat, etc.)

about The Accident

Ask your friends to pray as well.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mendy Brockman drove to Denver to pick up her husband, Jason who was returning from preaching in Florida. After picking him up, they headed home and were thirty minutes from home when they were involved in an awful car accident. Their vehicle rolled six times, and Mendy was critically injured. Mendy was airlifted about 30 miles from the crash site to Penrose Main hospital in Colorado Springs late that night. Jason was transported to the same hospital and later released. That night, the doctors and Jason decided for Mendy to have an operation to repair her broken neck. Mendy had severe spinal cord injury/ trauma and her injury was based at the C6/C7 area.

Mendy is paralyzed but has some use of her arms. This does not mean her hands and fingers function, though. We are praying earnestly for returned movement and function.

This sweet couple still has months in the hospital and a very long road of rehabilitation ahead of them. Mendy is requesting prayer one day a week. Would you pray on Mondays for Mendy? Of course, we would encourage God's people to pray much more throughout every week.

Thank you for your prayers!

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