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The conference is open to those in seventh through twelfth grade.

There must be at least one worker for every eight teenagers. Every group that brings both young ladies and young men must have at least one male youth worker and one female youth worker.

Young ladies are required to wear knee-length skirts or dresses, and young men must wear slacks and collared shirts to all services and sessions. Young ladies may wear modest culottes during activity times—no pants, please. Please refer to the section entitled “Afternoon Excursions” for information about approved water park attire.

The following meals are included in the registration fees: light refreshments following the Monday evening service; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday; and breakfast prior to the Thursday morning service. Nurseries will not be provided.

Online registration is available here.

We do provide airport transportation. However, pick-ups and drop-offs must be confirmed with our office prior to the conference. Please contact Tom Apusen at 408-988-8881, x228, for further details. Please note that the nearest airport to the conference is San José International Airport (4 miles, 8 minutes), followed by San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport (both approximately 33 miles, 39 minutes).

For additional brochures or further conference information, please fill out the contact form and specify how many you would like.

Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Materials for the week and room keys (for groups staying in provided accommodations) will be distributed on the first floor of the GSBC Academic Building on Monday, June 19, from 3:00–6:00 PM and then following the evening service.


Conference hotel reservations and room blocks are arranged by North Valley Baptist Church; occupancy per room is based on 4, depending on room type. For example, if the number of adult ladies and teenage girls in your group is 12, you will receive 3 rooms. If the number were 13, the number would be rounded up; and you would receive 4 rooms. Requests for additional rooms exceeding the 4-per-room-occupancy, depending on room type, should be arranged separately with the conference hotels.

If you have decided to stay in a conference hotel, please note that the adult ladies and teenage girls stay in a separate location from the adult men and teenage boys.

Occupancy in the dormitories and at Clyde Avenue is based on the number of beds/cots per sleeping room.

If you will be staying in our dormitories or at Clyde Avenue, please remember to bring the following: some type of bedding (sleeping bag or sheets, blankets, pillows), towels, and other items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush) that you will need for the week.

In addition, please follow these simple dormitory and Clyde Avenue guidelines:

No food/drink or gum is allowed.

Video games and similar media are not allowed.

Please do not enter rooms or areas of the Clyde Avenue building not assigned to your group.

Your group will be responsible for the cost of repairs if any damage is done in the rooms you occupy.

Please leave your keys in your rooms prior to leaving on Thursday morning.

Maintenance crews will begin cleaning the dormitories and Clyde Avenue thirty minutes after the closing service. All rooms should be vacated by this time unless special arrangements have been made with our office. Please note that all early arrivals and extended stays must be approved and arranged with our office prior to the conference.

General Guidelines

All delegations must be properly supervised at all times. You will read in the conference brochure that North Valley Baptist Church requires one worker to be assigned to every eight teenagers. Every group that brings both young ladies and young men must have at least one male youth worker and one female youth worker. The safety of our young people is paramount.

Please be considerate and mindful not only of personnel and other guests within each hotel or dormitory but also of the buildings and properties of each establishment. Please do not run in the hallways, play loud music, bring any animals or pets, and conduct or take part in any other activities that may disrupt other guests or cause damage to any items or buildings owned by each establishment.

North Valley Baptist Church security personnel will be available at the conference hotels, in the dormitories, and at Clyde Avenue to answer any questions delegates may have about our guidelines as well as any related conference matters and to help maintain a good testimony for all of our delegates. We ask that you please inform your young people to heed their instructions.

North Valley Baptist Church will not be held responsible for any injury, damage, or theft that may occur during the conference. Money or personal items should never be left unattended.

Afternoon Activities


Annual Bible Bowl

The Annual Bible Bowl will cover the book of II Timothy. Match schedules will be announced throughout the week of the conference.

The maximum number of teams per church is 2, and every team must have 4 young people. (Please note that a young person may only be on 1 team. For example, John A. from your youth group may not be on Team 1 and Team 2 representing your church. He may only be on 1 team.)

Groups may sign up for the Annual Bible Bowl on the Group Registration Form.


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Contact Info

3530 De La Cruz Blvd

Phone: 4089888881


The 35th Annual National Youth Conference is a ministry of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California – Dr. Jack Trieber, Pastor