July 18, 2021 46th Anniversary Sunday

Dear Church Member,

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, the North Valley Baptist Church will celebrate 46 years of ministry in the heart of the Silicon Valley. This milestone, however, represents far more than a measure of time. These four decades are a testimony of the power and grace of our Lord, the commitment of a church to the cause of Jesus Christ around the world, and the love of a people for this place. Although “Press On” is the theme for this calendar year, the conviction to “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” has continuously been a hallmark of North Valley.

One of the campaigns in which God’s people have pressed on through the years—more so in recent history—has been the Debt-Retirement Project. Multiple programs have been launched and special offerings established to reduce and ultimately eliminate ministry indebtedness such as the recent Brick Campaign ($500 each brick), “I Love My Church” Sunday and bucket offerings, Thanksgiving and Christmas offerings, and anniversary offerings. For our 46th Anniversary Offering, would you please prayerfully consider your part in the Debt-Retirement Project?

Originally, after the Clyde and De La Cruz properties had been acquired and buildings constructed, our debt amounted to $16.5 MILLION. This balance was above the millions that our church had already raised to purchase and build on both properties. Over the past 10 years, through the sacrificial and generous contributions of God’s people, that indebtedness has been reduced to $3.5 MILLION. Thank you for not being “weary in well doing.” The people of North Valley have made tremendous strides in a relatively short amount of time.

Our church is currently paying down the De La Cruz mortgage by approximately $100,000 each month, which is applied on the principal. Therefore, Lord willing, as we continue to contribute toward debt-retirement, our church should be debt-free by our 50th Anniversary Sunday, July 13, 2025. Though we may be ahead of schedule, it is my goal to eliminate that debt as soon as possible so that funds may be directed instead to the work of the ministry. With you dear people, I am looking forward to expanding our Missions Program, building the Memorial Chapel, securing nearby buildings, establishing additional ministries, and developing staff housing, among numerous other endeavors once our debt is removed.

My desire is not only to eliminate debt as soon as possible so that we may expand the work of God immediately, but also to leave a debt-free ministry to the next generation, who then may advance this ministry beyond what their parents and grandparents built.  Therefore, debt-retirement is not an end but, rather, a thoroughfare to perhaps the greatest days of our ministry. Please pray with me that all of us will do our part and give generously toward the 46th Anniversary Offering. (Contributions may be given online by clicking here. Please select the “Anniversary Offering” fund.)

Mrs. Trieber and I love you folks dearly and count it a privilege to serve alongside you at North Valley. Thank you for your support of the ministry through the years. God bless you.

Your friend,