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Easter at the Park 2024

Thank you to the army of workers who enabled us to host 7 parks and 14 services for Easter in the Park! We praise God for the 6,644 in attendance and the 300+ that accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! To God Be the Glory!!

Do You Really Want Revival?

Be stirred and challenged by this video as Pastor Trieber poses a crucial question, "Do you really want revival?" Our nation needs to turn back to God, but are you willing to obey? Visit https://nvbc.org/pc/24/ to view the services of the 39th Annual National Pastors' & Workers' Conference.

Pastors' and Workers' Conference 2024

North Valley Baptist Church invites you to the 39th Annual Pastors' and Workers' Conference! During this exciting Camp Meeting, you will have the chance to hear powerful preaching, Spirit-filled singing, and Bible teaching. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 3-6, 2024.

Recap Video - Youth Conference 2023

God performed an incredible work during the 40th Annual National Youth Conference! Relive the excitement of the week in a 7-minute recap! Check out all the photos, videos, and preaching from the conference at nvbc.org/yc! #NVYC23

Opening Video - Youth Conference 2023

This video provides an overview of the National Youth Conference spanning 40 years, aiming to inspire young people by highlighting that it is now their turn to make a difference in this world. Despite the challenges we may face today, there is immense hope—the darker the night, the brighter the light. By surrendering to God and expressing a willingness to be used by Him, young people can have an eternal impact on their country and the world. It's time to seize the moment. Praise God for His blessings on the National Youth Conference over the past 40 years!

Skit Intro Video - Youth Conference 2023

Here is the skit intro video from #NVYC23. To view the archived services, view photos, and watch the videos from this year’s Youth Conference, visit our website at https://nvbc.org/yc/23/

Easter at the Park 2023

One week ago today, North Valley Baptist Church hosted our annual Easter at the Park event where we celebrated the resurrection of Christ with thousands of people in multiple parks throughout the area. Watch now to relive the joy and excitement of Easter at the Park!

Register Now for the 40th Annual National Youth Conference

Don't miss the 40th Annual National Youth Conference! Pastor Trieber passionately urges young people to recognize the need of the hour and to surrender to God's work. The conference's theme, "Knowing the Time" from Romans 13:11, sets the tone for powerful preaching, awesome activities, and hilarious skits. Register now at nvbc.org/yc and be part of this life-changing event.

College Days 2023 Recap

From attending classes and chapel to hearing powerful preaching and having fun making new friends, prospective students got a taste of life on campus. Check out the recap video now! For more information, visit our website at gsbc.edu

Church Planting in Mexico

Our church has the phenomenal opportunity to work with veteran missionary, Luis Ramos, to start 200 churches in Mexico. We have completed our project of helping to begin 400 churches in the Philippines, and we now turn our attention to this exciting new endeavor. NVBC will pay the salary of national pastors for one year and will provide funds to begin building a church. Please watch this video and pray.

Pastors' & Workers' Conference Invitation

Pastor Jack Trieber and Assistant Pastor Justin Cooper invite you to the 38th Annual National Pastors' & Workers' Conference—March 5-8, 2023. It's not too early to make plans to attend this incredible meeting! Visit nvbc.org/pc for more information.

Recap Video - Youth Conference 2022

God blessed the 39th Annual National Youth Conference! Relive an exciting week recapped in under 9 minutes! View all photos, videos, and preaching from the conference at nvbc.org/yc!

Who Is The Lord? - YC22

In this video, Pastor Trieber explains the epic theme for the 39th Annual National Youth Conference. You won’t want to miss this year’s conference! To learn more and to register, visit nvbc.org/yc

Easter at the Park 2022

We praise God for the 3,381 in attendance and 198 who accepted Christ as their Saviour during Easter in the Park! Thank you to the army of workers who prayed and gave their time and money to make this day an eternal success! Here is a video from just a few of the ten park services.

Youth Conference 2022

Mark your calendars for the 39th Annual National Youth Conference, June 20-23, 2022! Youth groups from all over America will be attending the life-changing services during this pivotal week of preaching, singing, and activities. Stay tuned for more info regarding registration, lodging, and important details regarding this year’s conference.

What to Expect at PC22

In this brief video, Pastor Jack Trieber and Assistant Pastor Justin Cooper discuss what to expect at this year’s “Camp Meeting.” Register for the 37th Annual National Pastors’ & Workers’ Conference today! https://nvbc.org/pc/22/

National Pastors' & Workers' Conference - Bro. Luke Flood

Bro. Luke Flood, Assistant Pastor/Conference Host, discusses our special hotel rate and our Convention Center for this year's National Pastors' & Workers' Conference. Register now to get the early bird discount. Visit nvbc.org/pc today.

Don't Miss This Year's "Camp Meeting"

We begin the 37th Annual National Pastors' & Workers' Conference two months from today! You won't want to miss the fiery preaching, revival singing, helpful sessions, and godly fellowship at this year's "Camp Meeting." Register today at https://nvbc.org/pc/22/

Join Us March 6-9 for Pastors' & Workers' Conference

Pastor Trieber invites you to attend the 37th Annual National Pastors' & Workers' Conference. We'd be honored if you joined us March 6-9 for "Camp Meeting" at North Valley Baptist Church! Visit nvbc.org/pc for more information.

A North Valley Christmas

Stop by the North Valley Christmas every night from now until December 27. This Christmas-themed drive-through is free and open to the public. We hope to see you soon!

Pastors' & Workers' Conference - March 6-9, 2022

You won't want to miss the 37th Annual National Pastors' & Workers' Conference! Join us March 6-9, 2022!

9/11 Tribute Video

We Will Never Forget. A look at the tragic events of 9/11 and how America came back with courage in the face of evil.

America The Beautiful

Here is the Golden State Baptist College Men's Tour Group singing "America the Beautiful" last week during Youth Conference at NVBC.

Mark Your Calendar for YC21!

Make plans to join us in Santa Clara, CA, on June 21-23, 2021, for the 38th Annual National Youth Conference! Visit nvbc.org/yc/21 to get more information and to register for the conference.

Join Us for This Year's Youth Conference!

Pastor Trieber invites you to join us on June 21-23 for this year’s Youth Conference! Visit nvbc.org/yc/21 to get more information and to register.

GSBC College Days 2021 - Recap Video

Delegates experienced college life first-hand this week during College Days. Visit gsbc.edu for more information about GSBC.

GSBC Spring Piano Recital

The Juniors and Seniors Golden State Baptist College showcased their incredible God-given gifts and talents at tonight's Spring Piano Recital. We praise God for the wonderful young people and thank the parents, music faculty, and all those who have invested in their lives.

Camp Meeting 2021 - Recap Video

We experienced an amazing week at the Camp Meeting. Enjoy watching highlights in this brief video. Thank you to those who joined us this year–in person and through livestream! To view all the archived services, visit nvbc.org/pc

Light Festival Highlights

We have enjoyed hosting the NVBC Light Festival for our church members and city this week! Stop by tonight if you haven’t had a chance.🎄

Light Festival at NVBC

Drive through the Light Festival at North Valley Baptist Church! Come and see this free, fun, and festive Christmas treat for the whole family. We are open to the public Monday - Friday (12/7-11) 5:00-8:00pm. (3530 De La Cruz Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054)

Santa Clara Virtual Town Hall

A Virtual Town Hall hosted by North Valley Baptist Church

NVBC Music - “Looking for a City”

You will enjoy listening to Alvin Martinez and the North Valley Baptist Church choir sing, "Looking for a City." To view the entire evening service (9/2/20), visit nvbc.org

First Day of Classes at Golden State Baptist College - Orientation Video

Although we were unable to meet in person due to government regulations, we began the first day of online classes today at Golden State Baptist College. Please pray that this will be our greatest semester yet. Here is a video that was shown on Orientation Day. For more information or to take online classes, visit gsbc.edu/distance

$52,750 in Fines for Going to Church and $50k More Each Week

North Valley Baptist Church has been fined $52,750 in 9 days for going to church. An additional $50,000 is being fined Weekly from Santa Clara County. Pastor Trieber explains the situation. We greatly appreciate the prayers and support of God's people!

Statement Regarding the Cease & Desist and $10k Fine

Here is a video statement from Jack Trieber, Pastor of North Valley Baptist Church, on the "Cease and Desist" letter and the $10,000 in fines from Santa Clara County for church services yesterday. We greatly appreciate all the prayers and support!

Why Attend Bible College?

Unsure about attending Bible college? Why even attend? In this video, Craig Burcham, Chairman of the Bible Department, answers this question. Visit gsbc.edu to register today.

A Heartfelt Challenge to the Members of NVBC

Here is a short heartfelt video challenge from the heart of Pastor Trieber. We miss each of you dearly. May God bless and keep each of you.

Virtual Youth Conference - June 15-17

Youth Conference is going virtual! You won’t want to miss it. Find out more by watching this video, and mark your calendars for June 15-17! Stay tuned for more information.

Update from Pastor Trieber

Here is a short update from Pastor Trieber concerning actions for the next few weeks.

Recap Video - 2020 Pastors’ Conference

Here’s a short recap video of the 35th Annual National Pastors’ & Workers’ Conference! God met with us this week! From the singing to the preaching, we were challenged, convicted, and encouraged. Visit nvbc.org/pc to watch the archived services and view photos and videos!

NVBC Music - "It's Under the Blood"

This powerful special was sung during the conference last week by the Apusen trio and the NVBC choir. We hope you are blessed as you listen to this! View the full service at NVBC.org

Bible Way to Heaven Videos

Are you 100% sure you're on your way to Heaven? Here is a playlist of several videos explaining the Bible Plan of Salvation in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Welcome to Help4Today!

Filipino Ministry - Look What God is Doing at NVBC

This past Sunday, we showcased the Filipino Sunday School class led by Bro. and Mrs. Apusen. We love the faithful Filipinos of North Valley! Many have been attending for decades, and you can find them serving in almost every area of ministry. See what God is doing in their department. To watch the full service, visit nvbc.org

Lifeline Bible Class and Sunday Evening School of the Bible Big Day

On September 15, the Lifeline Bible Class and Sunday Evening School of the Bible held a combined Big Day with over 300 in attendance! We praise God for the 45 who trusted Christ as their Saviour and 12 who followed in believer's baptism. Last Sunday night, we watched this short recap video of the Big Day. View the whole service at nvbc.org/

Bus and Sunday School Ministries - Look What God Is Doing at NVBC

Last night, we looked at what God is doing through the Bus and Sunday school ministries of North Valley Baptist Church. Since its founding in 1975, NVBC has gone out into the highways and hedges and compelled boys and girls, moms and dads to come in. We praise God for the 1.6 million accumulative riders who have ridden the church bus to NVBC.

The Next 14 Months at NVBC

The next 14 months are very exciting months for North Valley Baptist Church as we focus on getting a jump start towards our 50th Anniversary in July 2025. Watch this short video, as Pastor Trieber explains our vision for the next 14 months.

GSBC - Look What God is Doing at NVBC

Look at what God is doing at the North Valley Baptist Church...through the ministry of Golden State Baptist College. Since its founding in 1996, God has placed His hand of blessing on this needed ministry. What has been accomplished on this amazing 6-acre property is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Spanish Department - Look What God Is Doing at NVBC

This past Sunday, we looked at what God is doing at North Valley Baptist Church through the Spanish ministry. Take a moment to watch the video and be encouraged. You can view the entire service at nvbc.org

NVBS Fall Festival Highlights

The church family enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Fall Festival, hosted by North Valley Baptist Schools. Thank you to all those who labored to make it such a memorable night!

Recap Video - Youth Conference 2019

68 hours in less than 4 minutes. Youth Conference has been an amazing week! See more photos and videos from this week on nvbc.org/yc #NVYC19

New GSBC Media Center

The new GSBC Media Center is completed and ready for the fall semester students!

Easter in the Park 2019

10 parks, 1,728 in attendance, 162 salvations — All to the Glory of God!

Your Future Starts Here - Golden State Baptist College

While the Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s leading tech companies, it is also home to Golden State Baptist College. Here, young people train to make an eternal difference in the lives of people around the world. Watch the video shown at College Days that showcases an exciting week at GSBC. Your future starts HERE! For more information about GSBC, visit gsbc.edu

NVBS Promotional Video

Watch the North Valley Baptist Schools promotional video created by Gareth Oxendine and the video class. Established in 1977, NVBS is a co-educational private school for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade located in Santa Clara, California. For more information about NVBS, visit: nvbschools.org

Roundup Sunday 2018

We praise God for the hundreds of visitors and scores that were saved yesterday during Roundup Sunday! Special thanks to the Walker Family, church members, and college students who put countless hours of work and prayer into this big day.

The Buses Arrive at North Valley Baptist Church!

Bus Parade - 42nd Anniversary Sunday

Why Buy New Buses?

Why is the North Valley Baptist Church buying 15 new buses and driving them halfway around the country? #NVBCBusTrip

YC17 David vs. Bug

The theme for the 34th Annual Youth Conference is "The Journey Ahead" - an outdoor theme. Youth Pastor David Russ really goes survival mode in this promotional video for #NVYC17

Homecoming Slideshow 2017 - North Valley Baptist School

Video Footage from the GSBC Holy Land Tour of Israel

Here is video footage taken during the Golden State Baptist College Holy Land Tour to Israel. To see more photos and videos from our trip visit our website: israel.gsbc.edu

2016 - Year in Review at NVBC

41st Anniversary - Clyde Avenue Walkthrough

In this video, Pastor Trieber takes us on a tour of the Clyde Avenue property. For 30 years, this building was used as our church, Christian school, and bus ministry center.

Dr. Bobby Roberson - Such as I Have Give I Thee

We praise God for the life and testimony of Dr. Bobby Roberson, "America's Pastor." We are so thankful for the influence he had on our Pastor and our church. Here is the last sermon he preached at North Valley Baptist Church, "Such as I Have Give I Thee." Please continue to pray for the Roberson family and our friends at Gospel Light Baptist Church.

What Will You Do for the Bus Ministry?

In this video, you will hear from bus kids who are now adults reaching others through the bus ministry. Everyone should be involved in some way with the bus ministry. "What Will You Do for the Bus Ministry?

An Inside Look at KNVBC - Revival Radio

This video takes you inside our studio and allows you to see what makes KNVBC such a special station.

That’s My King Sermon by S.M. Lockridge

Video shown at the 32nd Annual National Youth Conference.

30 Years of Preaching at the National Pastors’ & Workers’ Conference

For the past 30 years, God has used the National Pastors’ & Workers’ Conference to encourage, equip, and challenge Pastors and Christian workers around the nation and the world. The focus of this conference has always been the preaching of God’s Word. Here is a montage of preaching clips from the past 30 years.

So Much More - Stewardship Banquet 2014

GSBC Missions Dept Presentation - David Sloan

Pastors’ Conference 2014 Promotional Video

Little Is Much

God has truly used the little Clyde Avenue property to accomplish much for the cause of Christ, and if we all did a little, we could see much accomplished for God.

Who Will Go? - Missions Video

Here is a video we created for our Annual National Youth Conference in Santa Clara, California. We've removed all references to our conference, so you can use it for your missions conference, youth rally, church service, etc. We'd love to know if you decide to use it.

Who Will Go?

Opening Night video for the National Youth Conference in Santa Clara, California - North Valley Baptist Church. The video asks a question to young people. "If you don't go tell others about Christ, who will?"

The Bus Ministry Works (Updated)

Video shown at North Valley Baptist Church (nvbc.org) on Bus Sunday. We've added some additional people and included only those reached or directly involved with our church's bus ministry.