Archived Services

7/24/24Wednesday PM - July 24, 2024Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/21/24Miraculous InterventionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/21/24Real RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/17/24One Truth Worth Four Hundred LiesWed PMBro. Luke Flood
7/14/24Victory Unto VictorySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/14/24PreeminenceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/24Lest Thou ForgetWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/7/24BattlesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/7/24Stand StillSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/3/24The Legacy of Simeon and LeviWed PMBro. Lankford Oxendine
6/30/24Patriotism CeasesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/30/24MidstSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/24Three for the Price of OneWed PMBro. Chris Fanara
6/25/24The Homegoing Service for Milo FlorendoTue AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/24Invasion of CompromiseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/24The Danger of Procrastination Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/24National Youth Conference - Thursday AM, June 20, 2024Thu AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/19/24National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM, June 19, 2024Wed PMBro. Joseph Brown
6/19/24National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 19, 2024Wed AMBro. Mark Stroud
6/19/24National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 19, 2024Wed AMBro. Luke Flood
6/18/24National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM, June 18, 2024Tue PMBro. Mark Stroud
6/18/24National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 18, 2024Tue AMBro. Justin Cooper
6/18/24National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 18, 2024Tue AMBro. Joseph Brown
6/17/24National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 17, 2024Mon PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/16/24The Children Pay the PriceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/24Sour Grapes and Rotten TeethSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/24HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/9/24BondageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/9/24The Final MomentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/7/24Cristina Martinez Memorial ServiceFri AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/5/24UnderstandingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/2/24The Pastors and the PeopleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/2/24Short Beds and Narrow BlanketsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/24InstructionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/24The Curses of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/24Carry Another's SorrowsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/24"Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily"Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/24NVBS High School Graduation - May 22, 2024Wed AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/24Losing the Blessings of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/24FriendsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/24LestWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/24The Upper RoomSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/24"Aw Ma!" - Mother's DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/242024 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/5/24MasculinitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/5/24The Importance of PrayerSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/24Simple or PrudentWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/28/24HeavenSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/28/24Treatment of One AnotherSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/24/24Profound JoyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/24Ordination ServiceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/24The Importance of The HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/19/24GSBC Piano Recital 2024Fri PMGSBC Music Students
4/17/24Performance Produces JoyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/24Take Heed! The Dangers of Social MediaSun PMBro. Chris Fanara
4/14/24Purposeful LivingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/24The Place of God Produces JoyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/24PrayerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/24Let's Go to the DentistSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/24The Bible's Ministry in MissionsWed PMDr. Terry Ellis
3/31/24To Every Thing There Is a SeasonSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/31/24God Is Always Sending SomeoneSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/27/24Publishing God's Good News Produces JoyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/24Your Purpose in Life Produces JoySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/24The Testimony of a True ChristianSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/24The Plan of God Brings JoyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/17/24The Pressures of Life Creates JoySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/17/24I Am FreeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/13/24The Byproducts of God Create JoyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/10/24The People of God Create JoySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/10/24The GodheadSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/24Ain't Nobody Sayin' Nothin'Wed PMPastor Tony Hutson
3/6/24Looking Good When You're Hardest HitWed AMPastor Darrell Cox
3/6/24The Faith of a FailureWed AMPastor Ricky Gravley
3/5/24Ahaz and His Appealing AltarTue PMPastor Tim Gammons
3/5/24How to Keep Your Life from Becoming a MessTue AMPastor Dan Carr
3/5/24I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come InTue AMPastor Tim Gammons
3/4/24The Crowns of JesusMon PMPastor Ricky Gravley
3/3/24How to Get Out of the AshesSun PMPastor Tony Hutson
3/3/24A Warning to a Confused Church - Part 2Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/28/24The Dangers of ChangeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/25/24The Presence of God Creates JoySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/25/24A Warning to a Confused ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/21/24Satan's Counterfeit MusicWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/18/24Start to FinishSun PMPastor Andy Harrell
2/18/24A Tale That Is ToldSun AMPastor Andy Harrell
2/14/24Music Has a Distinct SoundWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/11/24Many Members, One BodySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/11/24Real LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/7/24God Loves MeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/4/24Let Not Your Hearts Be TroubledSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/4/24Dethrone Your godSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/24I DeclareWed PMPastor Brian Patrick
1/28/24Revival (Prioritize God's Word)Sun PMPastor Brian Patrick
1/28/24What Does it Mean to be Great?Sun AMPastor Brian Patrick
1/24/24Music: Beware of SlidingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/21/24I Missed OutSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/21/24Look What God Has Done for Me - Part 2Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/17/24Music: Progression to CorruptionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/14/24God's WillSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/14/24Look What God Has Done for Me - Part 1Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/10/24Music in the New Testament Local ChurchWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/7/24I'm InSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/7/24Introduction to ColossiansSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/3/24Drive, Duty, Determination, & DedicationWed PMPastoral Staff
12/31/23Look AheadSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/31/23Look BackSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/27/23More and More in 2024Wed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
12/24/23The LightSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/24/23God Orchestrating Through ObstaclesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/20/23AngelsWed PMBro. John Evertson
12/17/23Is Your Heart Right with God?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/17/23More That Matters MostSun AMBro. Chris Fanara
12/13/23Shepherds: An Unlikely Band of MessengersWed PMBro. Andrew Reimers
12/10/23"Ten Thousand Joys" - December 10, 2023Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/10/23SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/23"Ten Thousand Joys" - December 9, 2023Sat PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/6/23God Is In ControlWed PMBro. Luke Flood
12/3/23RestorationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/3/23A Reminder, Renewal, and Recruitment to Our ResponsibilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/23MoneyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/26/23InfluenceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/26/23Be Thou ExaltedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/23The Absence of PraiseTue PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/19/23Wait on GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/19/23The Christian Life 24/7Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/15/23His Ways and His ThoughtsWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
11/12/23DoubtSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/12/23Any Left?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/8/23FriendWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/5/23Set Your House in OrderSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/5/23Be Ye CleanSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/1/23What Is God Like?Wed PMBro. Tim Trieber
10/29/23SamenessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/29/23The Future Round-UpSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/25/23The Great White ThroneWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/22/23The Purpose of LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/22/23The HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/17/23How One Man's Prayer Saved a City and Another Man's Life Lost ItTue PMDr. Mike Allison
10/16/23Duty, Honor, the SaviorMon PMDr. Mike Allison
10/15/23The Reality of HellSun PMDr. Mike Allison
10/15/23If I'd Only KnownSun AMDr. Mike Allison
10/11/23The Lord's Table: HymnsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/8/23Sinning Against Our SecuritySun PMBro. Mike Johnson
10/8/23Who Are You at the Supper?Sun AMBro. Mike Johnson
10/4/23The Kingdom AgeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/1/23Redo: More PrayerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/1/23FriendsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/27/23Signs of the TimeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/24/23Redo: Personal HolinessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/24/23What Causes Backsliding?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/20/23The Second ComingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/17/23Redo: More FaithSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/17/23God Is Always Doing Something in Our LivesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/13/23The TribulationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/10/23Redo: More Passion for SoulsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/10/23Pass it DownSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/6/23The Olivet DiscourseWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/3/23The Bus MinistrySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/3/23The Hand of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/30/23Preparing for Your PurposeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/27/23Just Say YesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/27/23Center Your Life Around the House of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/23/23Lord, Shall I Go?Wed PMBro. Caleb Galvan
8/20/23Being a Profitable ServantSun PMBro. Mike Moyer
8/20/23And God Remembered NoahSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
8/16/23The Gospel Cannot and Will Not Be StoppedWed PMBro. Ken Lalman
8/13/23The Choice of FaithSun PMBro. Chris Fanara
8/13/23What Are The Righteous Doing?Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/9/23Look UpWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
8/6/23It's Time to do More for GodSun PMBro. Luke Flood
8/6/23PricelessSun AMBro. John Evertson
8/2/23But GodWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
7/30/23The God Who ShallSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/30/23SatisfiedSun AMBro. Chris Fanara
7/26/23Characteristics of GodWed PMBro. Lankford Oxendine
7/23/23God Is Just Looking for ObedienceSun PMBro. Andrew Reimers
7/23/23God Is Real Good at Being GodSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
7/19/23Joy Along the JourneyWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/16/23The Destruction of the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/16/23North Valley, Stay with GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/23CleansingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/9/23Missed OpportunitiesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/9/23PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/5/23Press Forward by Faith and PrayerWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/2/23Casting a Shadow in a Dark DaySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/2/23The Destruction of a NationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/28/23It Could've Been a Different StoryWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/25/23Panting after GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/25/23Deny SelfSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/22/23National Youth Conference - Thursday AM, June 22, 2023Thu AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/23National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM, June 21, 2023Wed PMBro. Sam Epley
6/21/23National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 21, 2023Wed AMBro. Mike Johnson
6/21/23National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 21, 2023Wed AMBro. Mark Swanson
6/20/23National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM, June 20, 2023Tue PMBro. Mark Swanson
6/20/23National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 20, 2023Tue AMBro. Justin Cooper
6/20/23National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 20, 2023Tue AMBro. Sam Epley
6/19/23National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 19, 2023Mon PMBro. Mike Johnson
6/18/23Living on the Brink of a MiracleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/18/23The Family in the Last DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/14/23Society's Vitriol and the Servant's VisionWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/11/23So That The Next Generation Might See GodSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/11/23This DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/7/23I Want to WorshipWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/4/23Stay with the House of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/4/23Using Your Spiritual GiftsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/31/23Hallelujah for HelpWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/28/23BetterSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/28/23Spoiled Children Want MoreSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/24/23Faith in God's FaithfulnessWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/24/23NVBS High School Graduation - May 24, 2023Wed AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/23How to Deal with ChaosSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/23If I Can Help SomebodySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/23God Wants to Help YouWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/14/23The Silent LookSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/14/23Exalt MotherhoodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/232023 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/7/23Courage in Turbulent TimesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/7/23OvercomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/3/23Dear Laodicea, You're DelusionalWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/30/23Great LeadershipSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/30/23The Source of HopeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/26/23A Blessed Church in a Bad DayWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/23/23The Work Is GreatSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/23/23Look at the Prodigal from the Father's PerspectiveSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
4/19/23What You Don't Have Is Gonna Kill YouWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/16/23The Journey of LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/16/23FaintheartedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/23GSBC Piano Recital 2023Fri PMGSBC Music Students
4/12/23We've Been Blessed with a BurdenWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/9/23The Importance of EveningSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/9/23Who Then Can Be Saved?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/5/23More Like ChristWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/2/23Living for Christ in an Evil DaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/2/23God Is For UsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/29/23WisdomWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/26/23Man's Extremity is God's OpportunitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/26/23What Needs Conquering in Your Life?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/22/23Christ to a Church in a Culture of CorruptionWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/19/23"Therefore I Take Pleasure in Infirmities"Sun PMDr. Doug Fisher
3/19/23On Our Journey to the Finish LineSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/15/23False Doctrine, the Flesh, and FeminismWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/12/23An Adullam CaveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/12/23Giving Back To GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/8/23A Good Church is Like a Good WomanWed PMPastor Tony Hutson
3/8/23The Burden of Jesus ChristWed AMPastor Ricky Gravley
3/8/23Investing in ChildrenWed AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/7/23The Magnified WordTue PMPastor Terry Anglea
3/7/23It's Time to go Back and Get the Golden ShieldsTue AMBro. Larry Brown
3/7/23The End of a ThingTue AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/23Losing Your Cutting EdgeMon PMPastor Ricky Gravley
3/5/23The GospelSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/5/23America's Hope: PrayerSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/1/23The Abomination of AssimilationWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/26/23A Good Judgment Seat of ChristSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/26/23There Is a God in HeavenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/22/23Apostasy Advancing; Heresies Taking HoldWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/19/23When Kings Chase FleasSun PMPastor Darrell Cox
2/19/23What It Will Be Like When Jesus Comes BackSun AMPastor Darrell Cox
2/15/23Some Sweet Things out of Bitter TribulationWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/12/23Our CultureSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/12/23LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/23I Have Loved Thee with an Everlasting LoveWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/5/23Indebted ChristianitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/5/23Enoch Walked with GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/1/23Remember, Repent, and ResumeWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/29/23Rest in the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/29/23The King at the DoorSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/25/23Personal Responsibility in Perilous TimesWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/22/23I Could Have, Would Have, Should HaveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/23Satan's TacticsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/18/23The Christ of the ChurchWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/15/23Filled with the Holy GhostSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/23God Is In ControlSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/23So Much the MoreWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/23A VisionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/23Is It Nothing to You?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/4/23The Church's Priority Shine for JesusWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/1/23The Days of Noah in Our DaySun PMBro. Chris Fanara
1/1/23If I Know God, He Probably Has Some Big Things Planned Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
12/28/22Have You Lost Jesus Somewhere Along The Way?Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/25/22The Light of the World Is JesusSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/25/22This DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/21/22Praying AlwaysWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/18/22Making Christ Preeminent in 2023Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/18/22What Think Ye of Christ?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/14/22Defense May Win Championships, But Offense Wins The WarWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/11/22"O Holy Night" a Christmas Music SpectacularSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/22GiveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/10/22"O Holy Night" a Christmas Music SpectacularSat PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/7/22Being a ShepherdWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/22Losing the Next GenerationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/22God-given Rules for MankindSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/30/22You Have to Have a HelmetWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/27/22What Really MattersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/27/22One Man Made the DifferenceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/22In Everything Give ThanksTue PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/22The Scent of WaterSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/20/22Turn Thou UsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/16/22In Season, Out of SeasonWed PMBro. Dan Carr
11/13/22What Happens, HappensSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/13/22The Gold Is DimSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/9/22Faith's Got It CoveredWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/6/22Joy in CrisesSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/6/22In the Midst of JudgmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/2/22Put on Your Standing ShoesWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/30/22God's Will for the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/22Crossing the LineSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/26/22Righteousness Right Out in FrontWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/23/22Propagating the GospelSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/23/22What's Affected When A Nation Forgets GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/18/22The Church with a Vision for His MissionTue PMBro. Rick Martin
10/17/22Jesus' Passion for His MissionMon PMBro. Rick Martin
10/16/22Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Being a MissionarySun PMBro. Rick Martin
10/16/22Grace at the GateSun AMBro. Rick Martin
10/12/22You Better Tie It Up Tight With TruthWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/9/22Your Name Has Preceded YouSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/9/22Let God Decide When to Shut the DoorSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
10/5/22You're Not Ready to Stand Until You're Willing to BowWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/2/22We Be AbleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/2/22ChoicesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/28/22Preparing for 2023Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/25/22Don't Lose Your Head, Leave that to the DevilSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/25/22CrisesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/21/22It Takes a Stronger Man to Bind the Strong ManWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/18/22The Battle with the DevilSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/18/22He's Coming AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/22Doing a Great WorkWed PMPastor Matthew Wootan
9/11/22The Battle with the FleshSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/11/22ContentmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/7/22An Hour for ArmorWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/4/22The Battle with the WorldSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/4/22I Choose the LordSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/31/22The Will of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/28/22If God's Presence Doesn't Go with Me, I Don't Want to GoSun PMBro. Chris Fanara
8/28/22If You're Happy And You Know It, It's Because You Thought ItSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/24/22All Truth Wed PMBro. John Evertson
8/21/22It's Not in VainSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/21/22The Testimony of the Church at AntiochSun AMGuest Preacher
8/17/22Sign Me Up! I Want a MountainWed PMBro. Andrew Reimers
8/14/22HopeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/14/22The Malady of Meaningless MotionSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/10/22I Must WorkWed PMBro. Luke Flood
8/7/22The Starting Point of Profitable ChristianitySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/7/22SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/3/22Responsibilities of the BlessedWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
7/31/22Expediency, Excess, and IdentitySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/31/22What to do When You Are DownSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/27/22Christ in the Presence of God for UsWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/24/22Conforming to the Image of ChristSun PMBro. John Evertson
7/24/22Take Heed to Thy FlockSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/20/22The Spurned Presence of GodWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/17/22Looking ForwardSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/17/22Don't ForgetSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/13/22RememberWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/22The Trials of LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/22HumilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/6/22God's Succoring PresenceWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/3/22Bringing a Nation Back to GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/3/22Coming HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/22God's Stolen PresenceWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/26/22I Just Wanna Say, "Thank You, Jesus"Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/26/22The "After This" Might be More Trying than the "In All This"Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
6/23/22National Youth Conference - Thursday AM, June 23, 2022Thu AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/22/22National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM, June 22, 2022Wed PMBro. Joseph Brown
6/22/22National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 22, 2022Wed AMBro. Mark Stroud
6/22/22National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 22, 2022Wed AMBro. Mark Swanson
6/21/22National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM, June 21, 2022Tue PMBro. Mark Swanson
6/21/22National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 21, 2022Tue AMBro. Mark Stroud
6/21/22National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 21, 2022Tue AMBro. Joseph Brown
6/20/22National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 20, 2022Mon PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/19/22Who Turned Out the Lights?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/19/22It's Not Too LateSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/15/22God's Steadfast Situated PresenceWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/12/22Me and MoneySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/22The Power of the Word of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/8/22God's Searching and Sobering Presence Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/5/22BewareSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/5/22Take HeedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/1/22God's Sure and Sweeping Presence Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/29/22My Life VerseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/22Not KnowingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/22Thou Knowest NotWed PMBro. John Evertson
5/25/222022 NVBS High School GraduationWed AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/22Serving the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/22The Importance of PreachingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/18/22Have Faith Until He's FinishedWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/15/22The First DaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/22A Macedonian MomentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/11/22A Famine Is no Time for FaithlessnessWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/8/22Evidence of Not Being Spirit-filledSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/22Ingredients of a Great HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/4/222022 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/22Not Right NowSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/22HelpSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/27/22Above All-FaithWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/24/22Hindered PrayersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/24/22Casting All Your Care on HimSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/22GSBC Piano Recital 2022Fri PMGSBC Music Students
4/20/22Shut the DoorWed PMPastor Jon White
4/17/22A Generation That's Too Sad to Dance and Too Glad to CrySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/17/22He Missed EasterSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/13/22The Contrast of FaithWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/10/22Gaining the Attention of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/22Me FirstSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/6/22The Counting of FaithWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/3/22I Must Bear ItSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/22"Help Us"Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/30/22The Conquering of FaithWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/27/22Missed OpportunitiesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/27/22Hope in a Hopeless WorldSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/23/22The Confidence of FaithWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/20/22Just in Case You Want to Be a Good ChristianSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/20/22For Such a Time as ThisSun AMBro. John Evertson
3/16/22The Conceding of FaithWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/13/22ImmediatelySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/13/22The Need of a ShepherdSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/22Choices Made During Chaos Wed PMPastor Tony Hutson
3/9/22He Came Looking for MeWed AMPastor Mark Stroud
3/9/22DirectionWed AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/8/22What Are You Leaving Behind?Tue PMPastor Ricky Gravley
3/8/22It Always Makes a Difference When Jesus Passes ByTue AMPastor Mark Stroud
3/8/22Investing in the Next GenerationTue AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/7/22Come See a ManMon PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/6/22Let's Start AgainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/22After ThatSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/2/22Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of GodWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/27/22Keep Looking UpSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/27/22What Happens, HappensSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/23/22What Do You Say About That?Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/20/22CourageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/20/22Dethroning GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/16/22One Day You'll Get Over Whatever You're UnderWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/13/22The Church in the WildernessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/13/22LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/9/22Praise God for a Place at the TableWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/6/22Don't Be So Quick to Cast it All AwaySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/6/22The Backbone of Our ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/2/22Is Anything Too Hard for God?Wed PMPastor Mark Stroud
1/30/22ReligionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/30/22DoersSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/26/22Excuse Me, He Loves You TooWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/23/22S.S.S. (Swift, Slow, Slow)Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/23/22ErrSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/19/22You Better Make Clay While the Sun's ShiningWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/18/22Memorial Service for Mrs. Jean KirbyTue AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/16/22CrownsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/16/22Single-MindedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/12/22Let Me Help You LeaveWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/9/22WisdomSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/9/22TrialsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/5/22What Do You Do When You Get What You Didn't Expect To Get From God?Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/2/22Not in My GenerationSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/2/22Don't Bet Your Boat on a Soft BreezeSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
12/29/21UnityWed PMBro. John Evertson
12/26/21How Big Do You Want God to Bless?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/26/21This YearSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
12/22/21Observations About the ShepherdsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/19/21Guard the HeartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/19/21So the Wall Was FinishedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/15/21And The Prisoners Heard ThemWed PMBro. Ron Lewis
12/12/21A Charge to Christians in a Crazy DaySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/12/21The Story of Christmas According to IsaiahSun AMBro. Craig Burcham
12/8/21The First ChristmasWed PMBro. John Evertson
12/5/21Many Members in One BodySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/5/21StandSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/1/21Great FaithWed PMBro. Andrew Reimers
11/28/21Foolish DecisionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/28/21The Foolishness of ManSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/23/21I Thank God for the BrethrenTue PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/21Thank God for PatmosSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/21/21Giving Produces GratitudeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/17/21The Parable of the Great SupperWed PMBro. Luke Flood
11/14/21GoSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/14/21WaitSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/10/21There Is a CauseWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
11/7/21The Character of a Great PersonSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/7/21We WinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/3/21Hosea's Promise to ProdigalsWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/31/21What to do in AdversitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/31/21God, Do You Even Care?Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
10/27/21The Tragedy of BitternessWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
10/24/21Smack Dab in the MiddleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/24/21Steps Toward BetrayalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/19/21Somebody Go Get GodTue PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/18/21A Heart for MissionsMon PMBro. Luis Ramos
10/17/21There Is a CauseSun PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/17/21RighteousnessSun AMSec. of State Mike Pompeo | Dr. Jack Trieber
10/13/21Our Personal PassoverWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/10/21So Many YearsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/10/21Let Me Say So for a SecondSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
10/6/21Why Soul Winners Are WiseWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
10/3/21The LORD Is ThereSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/3/21Take HeedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/29/21Missions GivingWed PMBro. Dave Smith
9/26/21Not NowSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/26/21PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/22/21MissionsWed PMBro. Dave Smith
9/19/21The New WaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/19/21I Will Stand My WatchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/15/21Lessons from the Feeding of the 5,000Wed PMBro. Chris Fanara
9/12/21The Work of the MinistrySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/12/21They ForgotSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/8/21The Reality of the RaptureWed PMPastor Ricky Gravley
9/5/21The Gifts of The SpiritSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/5/21The Need of The HourSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/1/21JesusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/29/21Go Ye Not into EgyptSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/29/21Much People AddedSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/25/21Jesus, The Coming SovereignWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
8/22/21Jesus, Maybe You Won't Do It Over There, But Would You Do It Here?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/22/21There's No Need to Doubt Him NowSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/18/21Jesus, the Comforting ShepherdWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
8/15/21The Joy of the Lord Is Your StrengthSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/15/21It'd Sure Be a Good Day for God to Show His GlorySun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/11/21Jesus, the Crucified SaviourWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
8/8/21Enoch Walked with GodSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/8/21I've Found the AnswerSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/4/21But I Will SingWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
8/1/21Serving the LordSun PMBro. John Evertson
8/1/21TrustSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/28/21Serving the KingWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
7/25/21He Is Coming AgainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/25/21Our Hearts BurnedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/21/21Reckoning with Your RecordWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/18/21Looking Forward - Where We’re GoingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/18/21Looking Back - Where We’ve BeenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/14/21The Lord's Table: CleansingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/11/21On a JourneySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/11/21ForgivenessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/7/21God Did ItWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/4/21Which Freedom Will You Choose?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/4/21Wake Up ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/30/21How Readest Thou?Wed PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/27/21We're Back, Here's What We Are (Part 2)Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/27/21We're Back, Here's What We AreSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/21National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM, June 23, 2021Wed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat and Bro. Justin Cooper
6/23/21National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 23, 2021Wed AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
6/23/21National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 23, 2021Wed AMBro. Andrew McCay
6/22/21National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM, June 22, 2021Tue PMBro. Andrew McCay and Bro. Ely Reynolds
6/22/21National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 22, 2021Tue AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
6/22/21National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 22, 2021Tue AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/21National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 21, 2021Mon PMBro. Ely Reynolds and Bro. Andrew McCay
6/20/21How to Conquer Sins - By RighteousnessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/21I'm a DadSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/21I'm Not Coming Down Just So We Can Come TogetherWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/13/21Take Advantage of the Troubled WaterSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/13/21The School of LifeSun AMBro. John Evertson
6/9/21Please Allow Me to Reintroduce My Generation to Our GodWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/6/21Get Your Burn BackSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/6/21The Biblical Answer for RacismSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/2/21Leadership 101Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/30/21What's The Church All About?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/30/21I Must Bear ItSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/28/21NVBS High School Graduation - May 28, 2021Fri AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/21Thank God for the TrumpeterWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/23/21Every Church Has IssuesSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/23/21Jesus Is Still The AnswerSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
5/19/21The Harvest Is Past - The Summer Has EndedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/16/21Independence DestroysSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/16/21Lifter Up of Mine HeadSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/212021 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/21Thou Hast Done FoolishlySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/21RespectSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/5/21Working + Whining + Warfare + Whatever Else Should Still = Wall BuildingWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/2/21Served His GenerationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/2/21The Thunder BrothersSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/28/21Sticks and Stones Are Just Part of Wall BuildingWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/25/21The Secret of the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/25/21The OstrichSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/21The Little Word That Wrought a Great WorkWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/18/21Set Up for a MiracleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/18/21The Victorious Christian LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/21The Greatest Work of AllWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/11/21Proper Order of Trichotomous ManSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/11/21One Man Made the DifferenceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/21Weeping Over RuinsWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/4/21Battling SatanSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/4/21No Resurrection?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/31/21The Profit of the CrossWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
3/28/21How To GiveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/28/21Grace Giving - Part 2Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/21The Agony of CalvaryWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/21/21PrideSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/21/21Grace GivingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/17/21Wilderness ExperiencesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/14/21My Battle With The WorldSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/14/21KeepSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/10/21Lessons for Laodicea Under the Canopy of the CrossWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
3/10/21Where Is The Lamb?Wed AMBro. Sam Epley
3/10/21MusicWed AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/21Thank God, It's Still ThereTue PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/9/21Make That MoveTue AMDr. Larry Brown
3/9/21VisionTue AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/8/21The Power of One VoiceMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
3/7/21Can't You Smell It?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/7/21What Does God Want You To Do?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/3/21Allegiance to Christ and His ChurchWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
2/28/21All Hope GoneSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/28/21Better BloodSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
2/24/21The Assignment of the ChurchWed PMBro. David Sloan
2/21/21The EndSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/21/21Hind's FeetSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/21Analogies of the ChurchWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
2/14/21Look Through God's EyesSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/14/21I Love My ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/10/21Sorry Aaron, All You Get Is GodWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/9/21Can You Truly Say "Nevertheless"?Tue PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/8/21Fight for What's LeftMon PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/7/21Give Me Some of 'That' WaterSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/7/21Sin and DeathSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
2/3/21The Humanity of ChristWed PMBro. John Evertson
1/31/21The Sin of SodomSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/21Backward or Forward Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
01/27/21The Deity of ChristWed PMBro. John Evertson
01/24/21No Answers to PrayerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
01/24/21Guard Your MindSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
01/20/21Jesus WinsWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
01/17/21He Prayed AgainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
01/17/21We Have SinnedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
01/13/21If He's Coming, Then I'm CommittedWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
01/10/21I Have LearnedSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
01/10/21I Believe GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
01/06/21Remember the RaptureWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
01/03/21Press OnSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
01/03/21They KnewSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/30/20Christ Jesus CameWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/27/20FarewellSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/27/20The Key to Going Forward and Keep GoingSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
12/23/20The Profit from Christ and His CradleWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
12/20/20Train UpSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/20/20Difficult DaysSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/16/20The Place of the CradleWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
12/13/20It Is TimeSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/13/20No VisionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/20The Pathway to the CradleWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
12/6/20Stability in an Unstable WorldSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/6/202nd Opportunities & 2nd PositionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/2/20Christ & The Cradle: The Period of ItWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
11/29/20Finish Your JourneySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/20God Is Speaking, Are You Listening?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/20A Thankful Church or a Murmuring ChurchTues PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/20What Is Certain?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/20Building or BreakingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/20Three Evidences of the Christ-Centered LifeWed PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/15/20A Word of Warning on WearinessSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/15/20A Heart That Makes the DifferenceSun AMBro. John Evertson
11/11/20In Your Darkest Hour, Remember His WordsWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
11/8/20A Vine Out of EgyptSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/8/20Leave Your Faith AloneSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
11/4/20What Are You Focusing On?Wed PMBro. Chris Fanara
11/1/20America Needs GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/1/20Let's Learn From HistorySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/28/20Can It Live?Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/25/20PraiseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/25/20WorshipSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/21/20Overcoming EvilWed PMBro. John Evertson
10/18/20Our MissionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/18/20Tell Me Job, Who Was It?Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
10/14/20When God Takes Uzziah Out of the WayWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
10/11/20AdversitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/11/20DeterminationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/8/20Santa Clara Virtual Town HallThu PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/7/20The Pattern for Being in His PresenceWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/4/20And WorkSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/4/20Be StrongSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/20The Transfiguration of ChristWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
9/27/20Trust GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/27/20The Seven Vial JudgmentsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/23/20The One Who Is Upon the ThroneWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/20/20The Seven Trumpet JudgmentsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/20/20The Seven Seal JudgmentsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/16/20Just a Glance Through Heaven's Open DoorWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/13/20The Last DaysSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/13/20The Battle Is the Lord'sSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/9/20Fear NotWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/6/20The Trials of LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/6/20Let My People GoSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/2/20It's Still ThereWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/30/20ShakenSun PMBro. Mark Swanson
8/30/20The Rampart and the WallSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/26/20God CanWed PMBro. Chris Fanara
8/23/20Seven Things That Endure ForeverSun PMBro. Craig Burcham
8/23/20Nailing it to His CrossSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/19/20It's Time to Step Out of the BoatWed PMBro. John Evertson
8/16/20The Mercy of GodSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
8/16/20The Majesty of GodSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
8/12/20Protect Your MouthWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/9/20BoldnessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/9/20CourageSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/5/20Protect Your EarsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/2/20Developing JoySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/2/20Counting the CostSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/29/20Protect Your EyesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/26/20Here Am I, But Where Are You?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/26/20How Long Has It Been?Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
7/22/20Protect Your MindWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/19/20This Is Our MissionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/19/20Make Much of JesusSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/15/20The Church of the LaodiceansWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
7/12/20Serve the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/20Missed OpportunitiesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/8/20The Church in PhiladelphiaWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
7/5/20Don't Quit MarchingSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
7/5/20Revival Is For God's PeopleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/1/20The Church in SardisWed PMBro. John Evertson
6/28/20What Is God Preparing You to do?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/28/20The Unseen ThingsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/24/20The Church in ThyatiraWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/17/20The Church of PergamosWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/21/20Don't Lose HopeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/20Step Up To The PlateSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/17/20Virtual Youth Conference LIVE - Evening Services June 17, 2020Wed PMPastor Mike Johnson & Pastor Joseph Brown
6/17/20Virtual Youth Conference LIVE - Morning Services June 17, 2020Wed AMBro. Justin Cooper & Pastor Mark Swanson
6/16/20Virtual Youth Conference LIVE - Evening Services June 16, 2020Tue PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/20Virtual Youth Conference LIVE - Morning Services June 16, 2020Tue AMBro. David Russ & Pastor Tim Ruhl
6/15/20Virtual Youth Conference LIVE - Evening Services June 15, 2020Mon PMPastor Mike Johnson
6/15/20Virtual Youth Conference LIVE - Morning Services June 15, 2020Mon AMPastor Joseph Brown & Pastor Mike Ray
6/14/20The City of ZionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/14/20She Hath Done What She CouldSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/10/20Dear Smyrna, Stay FaithfulWed PMBro. Jason Atwood
6/7/20I'm Only OneSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/7/20Love Is The KeySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/3/20The Church of EphesusWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
5/31/20Faith and FearSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/31/20A Space of GraceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/27/20The Voices of Hesitancy, Hindrance, and Hope Wed PMBro. John Evertson, Bro. Jason Atwood, & Bro. Craig Burcham
5/24/20Who Am I?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/24/20A Great Work Needs Great HelpersSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/20/20I Got So Busy Remembering, I ForgotWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
5/17/20Renew Our Days as of OldSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/20Think VictoriousSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/20What to Bring as We Go Back to the House of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/20Follow GodSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
5/10/20When Squeezed in the Winepress of LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/20Triumphant FaithWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
5/3/20I'm Claiming 2 Chronicles 7:14Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/3/20We're Coming HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/20The Church Triumphant Is Alive and WellWed PMBro. Jason Atwood
4/26/20DiscernmentSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/26/20Going Back HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/20What Are We Going to do After the Wilderness?Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/19/20InfluenceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/19/20Overcoming FearSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/15/20Believe to See the Goodness of the LordWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
4/12/20Your Sin Is Killing Our CountrySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/12/20Resurrection (Special Easter Sermon)Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
4/12/20New BirthSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/8/20It Will Come to PassWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
4/5/20The Purpose of the ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/5/20Overturn, Overturn, OverturnSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/1/20Rescued by an AngelWed PMBro. John Evertson
3/29/20Hear the Word of the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/29/20God Wants to Speak to YouSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/25/20The Storms of LifeWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
3/22/20Prayer and RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/22/20PrayerSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/18/20Stay on Fire for Your MosesWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/15/20Find Your RoleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/15/20The Remedy for SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/11/20Corruption - Galatians 1Wed PMBro. Jason Atwood
3/8/20There's More Land to ConquerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/8/20That Ye Be Not Soon ShakenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/4/20The Silent RemnantWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
3/4/20What Can We Do When Our Country Is In ChaosWed AMBro. Sam Epley
3/4/20Dig Where Your Fathers DugWed AMBro. Mike Johnson
3/3/20The Steps Toward ApostasyTue PMBro. Bob Gray II
3/3/20Just Keep Wasting AwayTue AMBro. Terry Anglea
3/3/20PillarsTue AMDr. Mike Ray
3/2/20My CityMon PMBro. Justin Cooper
3/1/20Hold the TraditionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/1/20Come After MeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/26/20Why We Have a Pastors' and Workers' ConferenceWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/23/20RememberSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/23/20Godliness with ContentmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/19/20Revelation (The Book of Malachi)Wed PMBro. Craig Burcham
2/16/20Honor the Lord FirstSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/16/20Love DemonstratedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/12/20Loneliness Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/9/20Rejoice in the Lord AlwaySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
2/9/20Draw Nigh to GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/5/20Holiness Unto The LordWed PMBro. Jason Atwood
2/2/20He Must Increase; I Must DecreaseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/2/20The Grace of the KingSun AMBro. Craig Burcham
1/29/20Renew (The Book of Haggai)Wed PMBro. John Evertson
1/26/20What To Do When Overwhelmed Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/26/20The Transitions of LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/20Respond (The Book of Zephaniah)Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/19/20Get Right With GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/19/20Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/20Rest (The Book of Habakkuk)Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/12/20Developing a VisionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/12/20Mind Your Own BusinessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/20We Need a Seeker for The Sake of Our GenerationWed PMBro. Justin Cooper
1/5/20We Don't Belong to the World; We Belong to GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/5/20OpportunitiesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/1/20The Institution of the Local ChurchWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/29/19Don't Just Survive the Journey, but Thrive in God's WorldSun PMBro. Jason Atwood
12/29/19That's Not How it's Supposed to HappenSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
12/25/19The Light of the WorldWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/22/19Transferring TruthSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/22/19Jesus Is Coming AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/18/19Reassurance (The Book of Nahum)Wed PMBro. John Evertson
12/15/19"On Christmas Day in the Morning" - A Christmas Drama/MusicalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/15/19Seek God's WillSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/19Ruler (The Book of Micah)Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
12/8/19Lift Him UpSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/8/19Make Much of JesusSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/5/19Memorial Service for Bro. Carl Harter Jr.Thu AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/19Recall (The Book of Jonah)Wed PMBro. Jason Atwood
12/1/19What Could Make the Son of Man Marvel?Sun PMBro. Jason Atwood
12/1/19Led by the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/19Give Thanks unto the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/19Troubled on Every SideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/19Rejoice (The Book of Obadiah)Wed PMBro. Craig Burcham
11/17/19You Can't Go Back, But You Can Go OnSun PMBro. Justin Cooper
11/17/19Satan's TrapsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/13/19Get Ready (The Book of Amos)Wed PMBro. Tom Apusen
11/10/19Go to the EndSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/10/19Hindrance to Revival: The Cash Is WrongSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/6/19Repeat (The Book of Joel)Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/3/19Faith - The Missing IngredientSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/3/19Hindrance of Revival: CarnalitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/19Restoration (The Book of Hosea)Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/27/19What Is All That Shouting About?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
10/27/19Evidence of Revival: CompassionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/23/19Resolve (The Book of Daniel)Wed PMBro. Craig Burcham
10/20/19Evidence of Revival: A Contrite HeartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/20/19Evidence of Revival: The Church Is AffectedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/16/19Reverence (The Book of Ezekiel)Wed PMBro. John Evertson
10/13/19Solitude with GodSun PMBro. Jason Atwood
10/13/19The Miracle at CanaSun AMBro. John Evertson
10/8/19They're WaitingTue PMDr. Mike Ray
10/7/19A Winner for God in a Chaotic WorldMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/6/19A Witness for God in a Compromising WorldSun PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/6/19A Work for God in a Christless WorldSun AMDr. Joe Arthur
10/6/19The Promises of GodSun AMDr. Joe Arthur
10/2/19The Lord's Table: Why, Where, and WhenWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/29/19God Wants to Use YouSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/29/19He Went to Hell AnyhowSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
9/25/19Revival (The Book of Lamentations)Wed PMBro. Jason Atwood
9/22/19Generational ChristianitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/22/19Evidence of Revival: CompatibilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/18/19Reason (The Book of Jeremiah)Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/15/19Fight or FlightSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/15/19Evidence of Revival: ConversionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/11/19Redemption (The Book of Isaiah)Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/8/19A Recognition of Self and GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/8/19Evidence of Revival: ConvictionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/4/19The Prayer of a Great ManWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/1/19How Bad Do You Want It?Sun PMBro. Justin Cooper
9/1/19Are You Saved?Sun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/28/19The Progression of BackslidingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/25/19Condemnation, Emancipation, and AnticipationSun PMBro. Craig Burcham
8/25/19The Cause for Glad ServiceSun AMBro. Jason Atwood
8/21/19When TrappedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/18/19What Will You Be Remembered For?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/18/19Thank God He Is a God ToSun AMBro. Justin Cooper
8/14/19PunctualityWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
8/11/19The Fire Is Your ResponsibilitySun PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/11/19Ingredients for Spiritual VictorySun AMBro. John Evertson
8/7/19Relationship (The Book of Song of Solomon)Wed PMBro. Justin Cooper
8/4/19ForgivenessSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
8/4/19Led By The Spirit of GodSun AMBro. John Evertson
7/31/19Regrets (The Book of Ecclesiastes)Wed PMBro. Craig Burcham
7/28/19Battling for a Bean FieldSun PMBro. Mike Johnson
7/28/19You Determine the Depth of Your ValleySun AMBro. Justin Cooper
7/24/19Rules (The Book of Proverbs)Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/21/19We Need More Laborers!Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/21/19When Was the Last Time You Wept?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/17/19Refrain (The Book of Psalms)Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/14/19The Worship of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/14/19A Church Under GraceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/19RevivalWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/7/19The Ways of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/7/19Grace for the JourneySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/3/19When it Looks So BleakWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/30/19The Will of God (Part 2)Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/30/19Grace GivingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/19A Rough RoadWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/19The Will of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/19Turning from the Grace of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/19National Youth Conference - Thursday AM - June 20, 2019Thu AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/19/19National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM - June 19, 2019Wed PMBro. Mark Swanson
6/19/19National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM - June 19, 2019Wed AMBro. Joseph Brown
6/18/19National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM - June 18, 2019Tue PMBro. Joseph Brown
6/18/19National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM - June 18, 2019Tue AMBro. Mark Swanson
6/17/19National Youth Conference - Monday PM - June 17, 2019Mon PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/16/19Walk with GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/19Strong GraceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/19The Unseen HandWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/9/19HeavenSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/9/19The Poison of ComparisonSun AMBro. Alvin Martinez
6/5/19The Widow WomanWed PMBro. Luke Flood
6/2/19Why Have a Youth Conference?Sun PMBro. David Russ
6/2/19Grace for the RaptureSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/19Working for GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/19Grace for LeadershipSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/24/19NVBS High School Graduation - May 24, 2019Fri AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/19The Life of EzraWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/19NVBS Kindergarten Graduation - May 22, 2019Wed AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/19Waiting on GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/19The Throne of GraceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/19The Good Kings of JudahWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/19Left AloneSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/19Grace From The GardenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/192019 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/5/19AbsolutesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/5/19Grace Produces StrengthSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/19The Book of ChroniclesWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
4/28/19The Name of JesusSun PMBro. Alvin Martinez
4/28/19Christ Is BetterSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
4/24/19The Life of ElishaWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/19The Hats We WearSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/19Grace Produces HumilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/17/19The Life of SolomonWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/19Walking TogetherSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/19Grace Produces HolinessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/19The Life of DavidWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/19Love Thy NeighborSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/19Grace Produces JoySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/19The Tragedy of SaulWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/31/19Order My StepsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/31/19Grace Produces SalvationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/27/19A Story of GraceWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
3/24/19The Joyful Christian LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/19The Foundation of SocietySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/19RulersWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/17/19MourningSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/17/19Make a DifferenceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/13/19Government and the BibleWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
3/10/19Will You Hear His Voice?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/10/19Where Art Thou?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/19God Help Us! We Need Some ElijahsWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
3/6/19We Gotta Keep Standing Until the King ComesWed AMBro. Tony Hutson
3/5/19Would You Please Shut the DoorTue PMBro. Larry Brown
3/5/19Battling for a Bean FieldTue AMBro. Mike Johnson
3/4/19America's Hope: Men of GodMon PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/4/19Singspiration Before Pastors & Workers ConferenceMon PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/3/19A Call on the Church to Turn Back to GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/3/19A Call on the Home to Turn Back to GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/27/19Conquering RegionsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/24/19Three JudgmentsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/24/19My GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/20/19Looking Back; Looking ForwardWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/19Being Honest with OurselvesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/19Being Filled with the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/13/19How to Fall in Love with Your ChurchWed PMPastor Corey Bane
2/10/19Keeping RankSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/10/19Love is the KeySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/6/19The BloodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/3/19Serving the ServantSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/3/19A Good ExampleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/30/19The God of Abraham, Isaac, and JacobWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
1/27/19A Mind to WorkSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/27/19The Results of RedemptionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/23/19Why Service Came to the LevitesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/20/19Ingredients for Serving the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/20/19It's Time to Fight for SomethingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/16/19How to Be CleanWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/13/19The Culture of North Valley Baptist ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/13/19How to Return to GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/9/19Commandments, Judgments, and OrdinancesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/6/19Serving the Lord in the TabernacleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/6/19The Tragedy of the Unjust StewardSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/2/19What Are You Filling Your Life With?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/30/18Be of Good Cheer in the New YearSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
12/30/18Fear NotSun AMBro. Craig Burcham
12/26/18'Twas the Night After ChristmasWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
12/23/18What a NightSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/23/18Who, What, and When Will You Seek in 2019?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/19/18What Are You Doing with the Greatest Gift?Wed PMBro. Chris Fanara
12/16/18A Window of OpportunitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/16/18A Difficult YearSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/12/18What to Press for in 2019Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/18CompromiseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/18The Prayer for Our FamilySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/5/18No More SeaWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
12/2/18Forgetting the PlumblineSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/2/18The Prayer of a Failed ManSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/28/18Investigate the Word of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/25/18Object Lessons to Help us Live the Christian LifeSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
11/25/18Prayers in the Bible: ElijahSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/18Revive Us AgainTue PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/18What Are You Doing to Serve God?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/18The Prayer of a Man in HellSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/14/18Topical Word Study and MemorizationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/11/18The Plague of Your HeartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/11/18The Prayer of a Broken HeartSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/7/18A Light in a Dark PlaceWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
11/4/18Where Are You Headed?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/4/18Praying for Those Who Have Wronged YouSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/31/18What the Bible DoesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/28/18Decision MakingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/28/18Corporate Prayer in the BibleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/23/18Motives for the MinistryTue PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/22/18The Value of OneMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/21/18That Ye May Bring Me on My JourneySun PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/21/18Flourishing in the FightSun AMDr. Joe Arthur
10/17/18No DivisionsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/14/18The Advancement of the Gospel of ChristSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
10/14/18The Mystery Prayer in the BibleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/10/18How to Memorize ScriptureWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/7/18Attributes of Faithful PeopleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/7/18Prayers in the Bible: JesusSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/3/18The Promises of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/18Tired But HappySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/18Prayers in the Bible: A SinnerSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/26/18What Should I Do With God's Word?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/23/18HeritageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/23/18Prayers in the Bible: SamsonSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/19/18How to Study the BibleWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
9/16/18I'm A ShepherdSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/16/18Prayers in the Bible: JabezSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/12/18Tools to Study the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/9/18The Snare of the DevilSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/9/18A Vision from the LordSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/5/18Love the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/2/18Just ObeySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/2/18Prayers in the Bible: AbrahamSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/29/18Outside vs. InsideWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
8/26/18The RowersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/26/18Prayers in the Bible: The ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/22/18Establishing Worship and Erecting WallsWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
8/19/18Don't Move, Don't Act Until You Hear the Sound of the Mulberry TreesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/19/18Prayers in the Bible: SolomonSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/15/18This Next GenerationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/12/18Jesus in Your Personal SpaceSun PMBro. Randy Dignan
8/12/18What Language Did Jesus Speak?Sun AMBro. Randy Dignan
8/8/18The Example of the Sycamore TreeWed PMBro. David Sloan
8/5/18A Pastor's PleaSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/5/18Prayers in the Bible: DanielSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/29/18I Delight To Do Thy WillSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/29/18Get UpSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/25/18First Aid for FailuresWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
7/22/18The RootSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/22/18DepressionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/18/18The Principle of the VowWed PMBro. David Sloan
7/15/18This is The Lord's DoingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/15/18What is The Purpose of The Church?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/11/18SanctificationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/8/18God's HandsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/8/18ContentmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/4/18Make A CovenantWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/1/18AmenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/27/18Lessons From the Life of King AsaWed PMBro. Lankford Oxendine
6/24/18Why Sit We Here Until We Die?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/24/18Here Comes the Man of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/18National Youth Conference - Thursday AM - June 21, 2018Thu AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/18National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM - June 20, 2018Wed PMBro. Tony Hutson
6/20/18National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM - June 20, 2018Wed AMBro. Ely Reynolds
6/19/18National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM, June 19, 2018Tue PMBro. Justin Cooper
6/19/18National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 19, 2018Tue AMBro. Justin Cooper
6/19/18National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 19, 2018 (Men's Split Session)Tue AMBro. Stephen Russ
6/18/18National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 18, 2018Mon PMBro. Tony Hutson
6/18/18National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 18, 2018Mon PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/17/18Let God See What You Cannot SeeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/17/18Dad, You're the KeySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/13/18Moving the Heart of God Through ObedienceWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/10/18There's Always More To DoSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/10/18Evidence of Revival Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/6/18The Medicine Cabinet of LifeWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
6/3/18The Old PathsSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/3/18Thou Art Not Far From the Kingdom of GodSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
5/30/18When Going Through TrialsWed PMBro. Luke Flood
5/27/18Revival in the CastleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/27/18Revival Is Our Only HopeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/23/18Moving the Heart of God Through HarmonyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/20/18When Facing a Battle, What Do You Do?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/20/18God Wants To Use YouSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/16/18Moving the Heart of God Through a Right Relationship in Marriage Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/18The Treatment of WomenSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/18Turn AsideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/18Moving the Heart of God Through Soul WinningWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/18Stay in the RaceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/18Forward MarchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/2/182018 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/18GSBC Spring Music ConcertTues PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/18God Has RightsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/18I Still Have a Responsibility Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/25/18Moving the Heart of God Through Obedience to God's WordWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/18The True Christian LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/18Today is the DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/18/18Training for the WayWed PMBro. Chris Fanara
4/15/18Four Corners in ProverbsSun PMBro. Craig Burcham
4/11/18The Life of JosiahWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
4/8/18Life Is DifficultSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/8/18The Little ThingsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/1/18What Was Finished?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/1/18Look From the CrossSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/28/18Moving the Heart of God Through FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/25/18They Regarded Not the Work of the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/25/18It's Your ChoiceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/21/18Moving the Heart of God Through RighteousnessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/18/18Respecting the EldersSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
3/18/18A Good ShepherdSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/14/18Knowing the TimeWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
3/11/18The Shepherd's MessageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/11/18He Still Shows, He Still Speaks, He Still Touches MeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/7/18Salvaging a GenerationWed PMDr. Tony Hutson
3/7/18A Generation Who Knows Not the WarsWed AMDr. Tony Hutson
3/7/18An Inside Look at North Valley Baptist ChurchWed AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/18Don't Give Up What You've Been GivenTue PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/18The Why of SeparationTue AMDr. Mike Johnson
3/6/18Get to the Great MenTue AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/5/18If a Donkey Can Do It, You Can TooMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
3/4/18Serving the God of the Man of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/4/18Serving With the Man of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/17NVBS's Great Americans Day - November 21, 2017Tue AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/28/18Moving the Heart of God Through PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/25/18Independence Always DestroysSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/25/18Fulfill Your PurposeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/21/18Moving the Heart of God Through TearsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/18/18Shattered DreamsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/18/18The Need for Spiritual RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/14/18SuccessWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
2/11/18I Am With YouSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/11/18True LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/7/18An Outline of the Book of PhilemonWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
2/4/18Gaining Favor with GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/4/18Find Your SpotSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/18Wounding the Holy SpiritWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/28/18Great is Thy FaithfulnessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/28/18Live for OthersSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/24/18Till He ComeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/21/18A Vision for SeparationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/21/18I Am the Lord Your GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/17/18A Holy NameWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/14/18A Vision for the ScripturesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/14/18Stewardship of RelationshipsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/10/18Holy Women of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/7/18A Vision for SpiritualitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/7/18Get Back to BethelSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/3/18Choose - Making Choices in 2018Wed PMBro. Chris Fanara
12/31/17How to Run a Great Race in 2018Sun PMBro. Tom Apusen
12/27/17The Parable of The SowerWed PMBro. David Sloan
12/24/17A Vision for a Silent NightSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/24/17His Name Shall Be Called WonderfulSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/20/17The Genealogy of Jesus ChristWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
12/17/17A Vision for SacrificeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/17/17A Vision for the SanctuarySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/13/17A Holy DayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/10/17Celebrate Christmas Again! - GSBC Christmas ConcertSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/10/17The Prince of PeaceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/17Celebrate Christmas Again! - GSBC Christmas ConcertSat PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/3/17A Vision for Our Sons and DaughtersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/3/17Do ItSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/17The Holy CityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/26/17A Vision for StrengthSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/26/17What Does God Want You to Do Immediately? Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/17Thanksgiving ServiceTue PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/19/17A Vision for StewardshipSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/19/17How to LiveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/15/17A Holy HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/12/17A Vision for SoulsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/12/17Called to be SoldiersSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/8/17Holy Hands Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/5/17A Vision for ServiceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/5/17Right in Our Own EyesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/1/17We Are Not Home YetWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
10/29/17Dwelling in a Marked HouseSun AMBro. Craig Burcham
10/25/17Holy ExamplesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/22/17The Battle for the MindSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/22/17The Will of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/17/17On My JourneyTue PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/16/17Silencing The VoiceMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/15/17Passing The MantleSun PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/15/17The Shout Heard Round The WorldSun AMDr. Joe Arthur
10/11/17Holiness At The Lords TableWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/8/17There Is A RemnantSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/8/17Be Not DismayedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/4/17The Holy BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/1/17The FightSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
9/27/17A Holy GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/24/17Disappointing The Heart of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/24/17Gods Broken HeartSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/20/17Personal HolinessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/17/17Dream a DreamSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/17/17Sit StillSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/13/17Holiness DescribedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/10/17Problems In The MissionSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/10/17Casting All Your Care Upon HimSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
9/6/17Holiness DefinedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/3/17Victory At Last...Now Another Battle Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/3/17The Devils DeceptionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/30/17Obey The Holy SpiritWed PMBro. Luke Flood
8/27/17What Ruined IsraelSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/27/17Do Not Give Your Mind AwaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/23/17It Is Not Falling Apart; It Is All Falling Into PlaceWed PMBro. David Russ
8/21/17Funeral Service for Bro. Steven PopkesMon AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/20/17What Is Your Course?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/20/17The Awesomeness of GodSun AMDr. Dave Smith
8/16/17Preach the WordWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
8/13/17When God Used an Amateur to Build the ArkSun PMBro. Alvin Martinez
8/9/17Building Defenses Around Our FamilyWed PMBro. Chris Fanara
8/6/17What Causes People to Err?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/6/17ConsequencesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/2/17Living in the LightWed PMBro. Matt Waterhouse
7/30/17AuthoritySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/30/17ForgivenessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/26/17FaithWed PMBro. Dan Callaghan
7/23/17I Still Believe in MiraclesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/23/17Wheels of MercySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/19/17In the Midst of the StormWed PMBro. Craig Burcham
7/16/17I Believe in Miracles!Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/16/17Live in the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/17"The Lord" - Psalm 23Wed PMBro. David Sloan
7/9/17Cave ExperiencesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/9/17Who/What Is Leading You?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/5/17Pray for RevivalWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/2/17You Are Either a Uniter or a DividerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/2/17Walk in the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/28/17PerspectiveWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
6/25/17Praise the Lord!Sun PMBro. Alvin Martinez
6/25/17The Main TaskSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
6/22/17National Youth Conference - Thursday AM, June 22, 2017Thu AMBro. Stephen Miller
6/21/17National Youth Conference - Wednesday PM, June 21, 2017Wed PMBro. Mike Johnson
6/21/17National Youth Conference - Wednesday AM, June 21, 2017Wed AMBro. Joseph Brown
6/20/17National Youth Conference - Tuesday PM, June 20, 2017Tue PMBro. Stephen Miller
6/20/17Ladies Session at the National Youth ConferenceTue AMMrs. Faith Reynolds
6/20/17National Youth Conference - Tuesday AM, June 20, 2017Tue AMBro. Mike Johnson
6/19/17National Youth Conference - Monday PM, June 19, 2017Mon PMBro. Joseph Brown
6/18/17Revive Us AgainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/14/17Teenagers in the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/11/17How to Continue in the FaithSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/11/17The Fruit of the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/7/17The Doctrine of the Blood of ChristWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/4/17Sudden StormsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/4/17Filled with the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/31/17Rise to the ChallengeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/28/17I Was LeftSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/28/17SalvationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/17Running from Your RootsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/17SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/17NVBS 2017 GraduationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/14/17Foolish DecisionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/14/17Mother's RoleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/17Personality Traits - LydiaWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/7/17That Still Small VoiceSun PMDr. Eric Tharp
5/7/17The End of a Thing is BetterSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/3/172017 GSBC Commencement ExercisesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/2/17GSBC Spring Music ConcertTues PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/30/17A Man Who Threw It All AwaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/30/17Clearing My ConscienceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/23/17Such as I Have Give I TheeSun PMDr. Bobby Roberson
4/23/17How to Keep from Being FrustratedSun AMDr. Bobby Roberson
4/19/17The Godly Boldness in the Crisis HourWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/16/17White As SnowSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/16/17Reconciled and DeliveredSun AMDr. Eric Tharp
4/12/17Personality Traits - OnesiphorusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/9/17With All His HeartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/9/17How Does God Speak to Us Today?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/5/17Personality Traits - JosiahWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/2/17It's Never Too Late for JesusSun PMDr. Eric Tharp
4/2/17UnstableSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/29/17Seeing Clearly the Transfigured ChristWed PMDr. Eric Tharp
3/26/17Get the Whole PictureSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/26/17Who Must You Forgive?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/22/17Lydia - The First Convert in EuropeWed PMDr. Eric Tharp
3/19/17Learning from FailingSun PMDr. Eric Tharp
3/19/17The Reality of HellSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
3/15/17Finish with JoyWed PMBro. Ed Bordell
3/12/17I Thank God for YouSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/12/17My Memory and MeSun AMDr. Eric Tharp
3/8/17Let Go of Your BasketWed PMDr. Tony Hutson
3/8/17Don't Lose The FightWed AMDr. Tim Ruhl
3/8/17Mighty MenWed AMDr. Tony Hutson
3/7/17Killing the Kings of CannanTues PMDr. Clarence Sexton
3/7/17What Job Did Not KnowTues AMDr. Mike Johnson
3/7/17First and Second GenerationTues AMDr. Mike Ray
3/6/17A Little Space of GraceMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
3/5/17Satan's Work of DistractionSun PMDr. Eric Tharp
3/5/17Make America Great again SpirituallySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/26/17God's VineyardSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/26/17You Cannot Make It without the LordSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/22/17Personality Traits of God's Men/Women: LukeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/19/17Personal Peace in Deep WatersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/19/17The Mighty MomentSun AMDr. Eric Tharp
2/15/17Lessons from the Lost Ax HeadWed PMDr. Eric Tharp
2/12/17Giving the Alabaster Box Sun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/12/17Love God & ManSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/17Life Is All About JesusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/5/17The Last LookSun PMDr. Eric Tharp
2/5/17God's Final CallSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/1/17PatienceWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
1/29/17Deal with the ProblemSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/29/17Eternity at Our DoorstepSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/25/17Personality Traits: JohnWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/17Our Responsibility to God, Man, and Our PresidentSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/17HeavenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/18/17Personality Traits: PeterWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/17Our Lives Imprint OthersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/17The Great White ThroneSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/17Egypt, Wilderness, CanaanWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
1/8/17God Is WatchingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/17The 1,000 Year Reign of ChristSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/4/17ingredients for a Wonderful Life: Spiritual PeopleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/1/17How to Guard from Being a CasualtySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/1/17ArmageddonSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/28/16Ingredients for a Wonderful Life: Sell Out to GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/25/16King of KingsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/21/16The Providence of GodWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
12/18/16What Shall I Do with Jesus Who Is Called Christ?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/18/16The 4 Hallelujahs of Revelation 19Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/14/16Ingredients for a Wonderful Life - Live for OthersWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/16But Thou, O Man of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/16Joy to the WorldSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
12/7/16Ingredients for a Wonderful LifeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/16Disloyalty in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/16The Religious, Political, and Financial Collapse of the WorldSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/30/16The Occupation of MissionsWed PMBro. Ken Lalman
11/27/16Upon What Does Your Life Hinge?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/27/16The Six Angels of Revelation 14Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/16Thanksgiving Service - Psalm 106Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/16The Simplicity of ThanksgivingSun PMDr. Mike Johnson
11/20/16The Mystery of the Will of GodSun AMDr. Mike Johnson
11/16/16PrepareWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/13/16We Dodged a BulletSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/13/16The Great BeastSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/9/16Launch Out Into the DeepWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
11/6/16It's Time to Seek the LordSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/2/16The Perfect Will of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/16Dealing with the Storms of LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/16The Tribulation - The Seven Vial JudgmentsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/25/16Operation Cooperation - Laborers Together for GodTues PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/24/16Operation Restoration - Resorting Broken LivesMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/23/16Operation Illumination - Be a Light in a Dark WorldSun PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/23/16Operation Supplication - Praying for a Lost WorldSun AMDr. Joe Arthur
10/19/16The Name of JesusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/16/16The Mission of the ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/16/16The Saul in Us AllSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
10/9/16The Journey AheadSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/09/16The Tribulation - The Vial JudgmentsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/05/16The Purpose of the ChurchWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/02/16Come Apart or Come ApartSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/28/16Testing Preludes BlessingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/25/16A Song in the Midnight HourSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/25/16The Tribulation - The Seal JudgmentsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
09/21/16Absolutes in the Life of PaulWed PMPastor Andy Harrell
9/18/16The Touch of GodSun PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
9/18/16The Marriage Supper of the LambSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/16BrethrenWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/11/16Don't Throw It AwaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/11/16The Judgment SeatSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/7/16The Battle Is with SatanWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/4/16Be an OnesiphorusSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/4/16Ready or Not Here I ComeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/31/16Content or Covetious?Wed PMDr. Eric Tharp
8/28/16How to Deal with TroublesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/28/16God Will Take Care of YouSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
8/21/16Decision MakingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/21/16The Shepherd and the SheepSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/14/16Tell It to the Next GenerationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/14/16The Ministry of Intercessory PrayerSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/10/16GuiltWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/7/16Conditions for RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Treiber
8/7/16We Need GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/3/16The OverviewWed PMDr. Larry Brown
7/31/16At Ease in ZionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/31/16Man vs. GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/27/16TrustWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/24/16You'll Never Know What Is on the Other Side of ObedienceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/24/16The Face of an AngelSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/20/16Keep Moving ForwardWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/17/16Holy Ground - Clyde AveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/17/16A Continuing FaithSun AMBro, Tim Trieber
7/13/16Search MeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/16Well DoneSun PMBro. Brent Strouf
7/6/16The Prayer of the HeathenWed PMBro. David Sloan
7/3/16 Face, Don't FleeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/3/16We're on the Winning SideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/16The Holy SpiritWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/16PassionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/16Restoration of Spiritual PowerSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/16Prepare Now to Be Used LaterThurs AMDr. Mike Johnson
6/22/16Decisions Make the DifferenceWed PMBro. Mark Swanson
6/22/16Setting a Course for PurityWed AMBro. Clint Fredericks
6/21/16How to Do What You Say You're Going to DoTues PMBro. Clint Fredericks
6/19/16Help a FatherSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/19/16Be a FatherSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/15/16Types of PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/16Prayer and FastingSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/12/16An Unexpeted CrossSun AMBro. Brent Strouf
6/8/16Motivation after MosesWed PMBro. Dan Callaghan
6/5/16Do SomethingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/5/16The Invasion of SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/1/16PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/16Formula for Our Nation - Seek & TurnSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/16Formula for Our Nation - HumilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/16America Needs PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/16What Sin Easily Besets You?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/16 Life Is Hard - So!Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/18/16Instructions to Our GraduatesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/16Why People QuitSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/16The Taming of the TongueSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
5/11/16Quality People in the Bible: NehemiahWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/16The God-Given Responsibilities of MothersSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/16Our Responsibility to Motherhood - RespectSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/162016 GSBC Commencement ExercisesFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/4/16Women in the Bible: Mary MagdaleneWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/16Rebuilding Your ReputationSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
5/1/16Are You Truly Saved?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/27/16Quality Women in the Bible: EstherWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/24/16Quality People in the Bible: ChristSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/24/16Strength in a Trying HourSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/20/16A Faith That BelievesWed PMPastor Craig Burcham
4/17/16Biblical Traits ''C'' - CoreSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/17/16Men Ought Always to PraySun AMBro. Tim Trieber
4/13/16Quality Women in the Bible: RuthWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/16What Needs to Be Conquered?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/16FellowshipSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/6/16Quality People in the Bible: JoshuaWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/16He Is Risen - Now What?Sun PMBro. Tim Trieber
4/3/16How Satan Captures UsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/30/16Quality People in the Bible: Joseph of ArimathaeaWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/27/16Finish What You StartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/27/16The Necessity of the ResurrectionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/16Know Others, Know ThyselfSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/16Just Say NoSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
3/16/16Overcoming Our GiantsWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
3/13/16Why No Progress?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/13/16Life Lessons from JudasSun AMBro. Brent Strouf
3/9/16Endorsed by JesusWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
3/8/16Somebody Go and Get GodTues PMDr. Joe Arthur
3/7/16Old-Time Power: Stressed Out or Stretched Out?Mon PMPastor Mark Swanson
3/6/16God Orchestrates EverythingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/16How to Be GreatSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
2/28/16It's Not to LateSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/28/16Biblical Traits ''C'' - Your Last ChapterSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/24/16Our Perfect SaviourWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
2/21/16A Bad Past Does Not Mean a Bad FutureSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
2/17/16Quality People in the Bible - AbrahamWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/14/16The God of All HopeSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/14/16He's Coming AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/7/16Our AdversarySun PMBro. Tim Trieber
2/7/16Whom Shall We GoSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/3/16Quality People in the Bible: NoahWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/16Biblical Traits 'C' - ConfessionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/16He PrayedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/27/16Quality People in the Bible - John the BaptistWed PMDr Jack Trieber
1/24/16Biblical Traits ''C'' - What Battle Must Be Conquered?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/24/16What Is God Doing with You?Sun AmDr. Jack Trieber
1/20/16Christ Is All I NeedWed PMBro. Dan Callaghan
1/17/16Look AheadSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/17/16We Have Seen Strange Things TodaySun AmDr. Jack Trieber
1/13/16Heroes in the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/10/16Biblical Traits "C" - CompassionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/10/16Comfort to Those in BondageSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/6/16My Desire for 2016Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/3/16Putting off and Putting onSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
1/3/16My Stewardship for 2016Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/27/15What Do You Believe?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/27/15Biblical Traits ''C'' - CharacterSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/23/15A Better WayWed PMPastor Charles Griffin
12/20/15Characters of the Christmas StorySun PMBro. Tim Trieber
12/20/15What Do You Believe?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/13/15A Parent's ResponsibilitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/13/15Why Can't We Just Obey God?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/15God's Order for Christian LivingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/6/15Unplugged | GSBC Christmas ConcertSun PMBro. Mike Johnson
12/6/15Our TestimonySun AMBro. Mike Johnson
12/2/15The Battle Never CeasesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/15An Untapped PotentialSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/15The Storms of LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/15From the Beginning of the Year to the EndTues PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/15When Your World Falls ApartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/15SubmissionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/15Set Your House in OrderWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/15/15 It's Out of ControlSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/15/15Our TestimonySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/8/15Biblical Traits ''C'' - CourageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/8/15The End of the WorldSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/4/15There Must Be a TargetWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/1/15Sowing as ChristiansSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/1/15When Overwhelmed on the Pathway of LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/28/15I Will Stand Before GodWed PMPastor Dwight Tomlinson
10/25/15The Stewardship of LibertySun PMDr. Chuck Harding
10/25/15What to Do When Everything Is Falling ApartSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/21/15God's Marvelous WorkWed PMDr. Don Chitty
10/20/15The Old Rugged Cross Made the DifferenceTues PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/19/15Little Is Much When God Is In ItMon PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/18/15You Ain't Seen Nothin' YetSun PMDr. Joe Arthur
10/18/15The Three FriendsSun AMDr. Joe Arthur
10/14/15Martha ModeWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
10/11/15Who Hath Bewitched You?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/11/15Filling Our Short Lives with ValueSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/7/15After the Big DayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/4/15Broken DreamsSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
10/4/15Grieving God's HeartSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/15The Big DayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/27/15Here Am I, Lord (Send Me)Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/27/15He Is Coming AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/23/15Let's Do HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/20/15Do Right When Others Do WrongSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/20/15ForgivenessSun AMDr. Jack Treiber
9/13/15PraiseSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
9/13/15The Needs of OthersSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
9/9/15OrderWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/6/15Is God's Presence in Your HomeSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/6/15Stay with God's HouseSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/2/15Threefold CordWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/30/15This Is Not Your RestSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/30/15What Are You Doing between Those Two Dates?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/26/15It's Decision TimeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/23/15Is There Any Word from the LordSun PMDr. Eric Tharp
8/23/15When the Lord Is On Our SideSun AMDr. Eric Tharp
8/16/15The Road to DestructionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/16/15Remedy for SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/12/15Fall AwayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/9/15Reminders to the Man of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/9/15I've Stayed Silent Long EnoughSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/5/15Who Are You?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/2/15The Folly of ComparisonSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
8/2/15 How Are You Serving God?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/29/15Be Alert, Put Up a GuardWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/26/15ConvictionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/26/15What Do We Do Now?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/22/15He Could Have Been KingWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
7/19/15This Is the Lord's DoingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/19/15This Is the DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/15/15The Model ChurchWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/15Opening Ourselves Up to Demon OppressionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/15A Lot Can Happen in 7 DaysSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/8/15The Precious Word of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/5/15When Things Are BadSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/5/15I Love AmericaSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/1/15A Good Christian Needs a Good MemoryWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
6/28/15A Dull AxSun PMBro. Brent Strouf
6/28/15How to Hate LifeSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
6/25/15The God of the Second ChanceThurs AMBro. Sammy Roberson
6/24/15You Will LoseWed PMBro. Mike Johnson
6/24/15Alive Unto GodWed AMBro. Sammy Roberson
6/23/15A Hand, a Door, and a KnockTues PMBro. Steve Cox
6/23/15Forgiveness | Any Bush Will DoTues AMBro. Mike Johnson | Bro. Steve Cox
6/22/15The Prayers of JabezMon PMBro. Sammy Roberson
6/21/15DecisionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/15A Real ManSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/7/15A Call to the Half-HeartedSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/7/15Remedy for RestlessnessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/3/15A Closer Look at Peter's PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/31/15Who Is on the Lord's Side?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/31/15Qualities of the Man of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/27/15That's What I've Heard, but That's Not What I SeeWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
5/24/15Why Do People Self-Destruct?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/24/15When God Is SilentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/20/15Your Adversary, the DevilWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/15Neglecting the Spirit of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/15Our First ResponderSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/15I Peter 5:7Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/15Two Are Better Than OneSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/15RespectSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/152015 GSBC Commencement ExercisesFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/15A Kinder KingdomWed PMBro. Bob Gray II
5/3/15A Vessel unto HonorSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
5/3/15Led AwaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/15Clothed in HumillityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/26/15At Evening Time It Shall Be LightSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/26/15Strengthened in the LordSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/15Respect the AgedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/19/15You're Going to Get BurnedSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/19/15The Testimony of a Follish ManSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/15/15The Role of a PastorWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/12/15The LetterSun PMDr. Larry Brown
4/12/15Escaping TemptationSun AMDr. Larry Brown
4/8/15Suffering SaintsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/5/15Be StillSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
4/5/15I Find No Fault in HimSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/1/15Use Your GiftsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/29/15A Clear VisionSun PMPastor Scott Souther
3/29/15Unexpected ThingsSun AMPastor Scott Souther
3/22/15He Lost the TouchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/22/15God Is Not a SidelineSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/18/15A Good Christian Needs a Bad MemoryWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
3/15/15A Need for CleansingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/15/15How Will You Be Remembered?Sun AMBro. Tim Trieber
3/11/15A Double Portion of God's PowerWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
3/11/15Keep Your Church AliveWed AMDr. Bobby Roberson
3/11/15Hezekiah ThinkingWed AMBro. Mike Johnson
3/10/15How Sweet itTues PMDr. Joe Arthur
3/10/15No No No No NoTues AMDr. Joe Arthur
3/10/15The Acts of DavidTues AMDr. Mike Ray
3/9/15How Are You Using Your Gifts?Mon PMDr. Doug Fisher
3/8/15PastorsSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
3/8/15The Simplicity of SalvationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/1/15Ordination Service: Anwar AliSun PMDr. Jack Treiber
3/1/15The Necessity of the BloodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/25/15Don't Go BackWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/22/15Why Does God Withdraw His Blessing?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/22/15It's Going to Be a Great DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/18/15O What a SaviorWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/15/15God's PleasureSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/15/15Is Your Heart Right with God?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/11/15The Lord's Table: LoveWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/15RespectSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/15A Life of Victory - CourageSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/4/15How Do We Defend Our Faith?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/1/15Qualities of a Healthy ChurchSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
2/1/15Let Not Your Heart Be TroubledSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/28/15Characteristics of Our Lord: EyesWed PMDr. Jack Treiber
1/25/15ObeySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/25/15Help Somebody TodaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/21/15Trials Produce GoldWed PMBro. Mike Johnson
1/18/15ConvictionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/18/15Characteristics of ElijahSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/14/15Qualities of a Suffering Saint: Part IIWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/15Put Your Heart Into itSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/15CompromiseSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/7/15Qualities of a Suffering Saint: Part IWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/4/15Lessons from LazarusSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
1/4/15When Will You Come to Your Senses?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/31/14He Giveth More GraceWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
12/28/14A Joyful New YearSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
12/24/14When Life Gets CrazySun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
12/24/14The Light of the Word Is JesusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/17/14Yesterday's MannaWed PMBro. Daniel Callaghan
12/14/14Happiness in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/14/14More About JesusSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/10/14NVBS MusicalWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/7/14Lessons from the AngelsSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
12/7/14Is It Nothing to You?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/3/14The Suffering SaviorWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/30/14Humility in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/30/14What Do You Believe?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/25/14We Will Give ThanksWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/23/14Know Him Better to Better Make Him KnownSun PMDr. Raymond Hancock
11/23/14He Got More Than He Asked ForSun AMDr. Raymond Hancock
11/16/14Habits in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/12/14Christian ResponsibilityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/9/14Playing With FireSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/9/14What Do You See?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/5/143-Fold BlessingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/2/14Overcoming Spiritual Failures Sun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/2/14How Does a Country Destroy Itself?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/29/14Passing Our Sojourneying HereWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/26/14The Home Is a HavenSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/26/14Run Your RaceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/22/14A Good ChurchWed PMBro. Tommy Ashcraft
10/21/14Stewardship Banquet 2014Tues PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/20/14Doing More Than You Can DoMon PMBro. Terry Ellis
10/19/14CommitmentSun PMBro. Tommy Ashcraft
10/19/14SalvationSun AMBro. Terry Ellis
10/15/14Deal with SinWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/12/14RememberSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/12/14Born AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/8/14RighteousnessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/5/14Hero to ZeroSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
10/5/14DisappointmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/1/14God is Looking for ChristiansWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
9/28/14Can People Change?Sun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
9/24/14I Peter 1:8-12Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/21/14Hesitation in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/21/14No HopeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/17/14All People SufferWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/14The Hazard in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/14Oh No!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/10/14I Peter - Part 1Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/7/14Are You Ready for His ReturnSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/7/14Don't Look Down - Look UpSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/3/14A Successful College CareerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/31/14Harmony in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/31/14ChristlikeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/27/14The Purpose of North Valley - Male and FemaleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/24/14Biblical ConvictionsSun PMPastor Mike Johnson
8/24/14Today I May Give Account of Myself to GodSun AMPastor Mike Johnson
8/20/14The Purpose of North Valley - BuildingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/17/14Holiness in the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/17/14Pray the Hardest When It's the Hardest to PraySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/13/14The Power of the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/10/14The Heart of the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/6/14The Purpose of North Valley - HolinessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/3/14Rejoice in the LordSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
7/30/14God's Purpose for IsraelWed PMBro. David Sloan
7/27/14Found of HimSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/27/14?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/23/14The Purpose of North Valley - MusicWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/20/14Christian VictorySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/20/14ChristianSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/16/14The Purpose of North Valley - Soul WinningWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/13/14The Glory DepartedSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/13/14The Glory YearsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/9/14The Purpose of North Valley: 2 OrdinancesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/6/14Be Ye KindSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
7/6/14I Cannot Find GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/2/14The Purpose of North Valley: America & PatriotismWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/14Enough's EnoughSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/14A Teachable SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/14Selected or RejectedThur AMPastor Mark Swanson
6/25/14Rise To the OccasionWed PMBro. Chalie Clark
6/25/14Disappointments Do Not Mean DefeatWed AMPastor Mark Swanson
6/25/14Zealously AffectedWed AMBro. Chalie Clark
6/24/14Game Time Tue PMPastor Mark Swanson
6/24/14Knowing You Are SavedTue AMBro. Chalie Clark
6/24/14 When Good People Hurt Good PeopleTue AMPastor Tim Ruhl
6/23/14Grand Slam ChristianityMon PMPastor Tim Ruhl
6/22/14Which One Are You?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/22/14Busy Here & ThereSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/15/14The Family's Responsibility to the DadSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/15/14Dad, Your Home Needs You!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/11/14The Purpose of North Valley: Sunday SchoolWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/8/14Who KnowethSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/4/14Joy in the JourneyWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
6/1/14Let Not Your Heart Be TroubledSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/1/14The Danger of DelaySun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
5/25/14Stay in the BattleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/14A Happy LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/14NVBS Kindergarten & HS Graduation | Formula for VictoryWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/18/14Fired UpSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/18/14Our Responsibility to ChildrenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/14/14The Purpose of NVBC: Part 5, PreachingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/11/14The Christian LadySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/11/14The Virtuous WomanSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/142014 GSBC Commencement ExercisesFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/7/14At Jesus' FeetWed PMPastor Mark Swanson
5/4/14Be Like ChristSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
5/4/14People Come & GoSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/30/14The Purpose of NVBC: Part 5, GivingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/27/14How to Raise Godly ChildrenSun PMPastor Tom Harrison
4/27/14The ConclusionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/23/14The Purpose of NVBC: Part 4, PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/20/14Pray without CeasingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/20/14The Coming of Jesus ChristSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/16/14The Purpose of NVBC: Part 3, Worldwide MissionsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/13/14The Believers Banner for the BattleSun PMBro. Kelvin Swanson
4/13/14He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/9/14The Purpose of NVBC: Part 2, The Bus MinistryWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/6/14There is HopeSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
4/6/14The Quiet Member of the TrinitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/2/14Diffusing the Conflicts of LifeWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
3/30/14Yoked EarlySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/30/14HeedlessnessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/26/14The Purpose of NVBC: Part 1, The Next GenerationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/23/14Sudden Sorrow - What Will Thou Do?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/23/14Dig DeepSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/19/14How to Handle One AnotherWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/16/14Don't ForgetSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/16/14Because Thou Hast Been My HelpSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/12/14How to Deal with the FallenWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/14I Die DailySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/14Do You Know You?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/5/14Taking a StandWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
3/5/14 Being a MephiboshethWed AMBro. Doug Fisher
3/5/14 Your EnvironmentWed AM Bro. Bob Gray II
3/5/14Characteristics of Biblical GraceWed AMBro. Terry Anglea
3/4/14Finish Your CourseTues PMDr. Bobby Roberson
3/4/14Lifting the VeilTues PMBro. Mike Johnson
3/4/14Build and RebuildTues AMDr. Mike Ray
3/4/14The Tragedy of Not Knowing JosephTues AMDr. Joe Arthur
3/3/14Why Doesn't Someone Do Something?Mon PMDr. Clarence Sexton
3/2/14A Second Mile AttitudeSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
3/2/14Let God Open Our EyesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/26/14Why Do We Host a Pastors' & Christian Workers' Conference?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/23/14Serve God a LifetimeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/23/14Awake to RighteousnessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/19/14Miracles Should Never Be ForgottenWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/16/14Shall I Go Up?Sun PMBro. Doug Fisher
2/16/14You KnowSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/12/14The Lord's Table: ResurrectionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/9/14A Miracle in the MakingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/9/14I Love My ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/5/14He Was a Good ManWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/2/14The Miracle of the LunchSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
2/2/14Make a Good DecisionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/29/14Do This Thing RightWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/26/14Let's Clean Up Our LivesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/26/14Stewardship & AccountabilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/14How to Get to Chapter 42Wed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
1/19/14What Is the Root Problem?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/19/14Don't Lose Your StewardshipSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/14Satanic/Heavenly MiraclesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/12/14Lessons From the Life of LotSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
1/12/14Establish OwnershipSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/14The Formula for a MiracleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/5/14The Home: A Product of Our EnvironmentSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/5/14Stewardship & JudgmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/1/14Miracle in the MakingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/29/13Defining MomentsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/29/13Outside of the ExtraordinarySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/25/13Christmas Night: Let Your Light So ShineWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/22/13HopeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/22/13The Name of JesusSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/18/13HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/15/13TrainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/15/13Discover Your TaskSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/13GreatWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/08/13How to Gain God's AttentionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/13A Derelict FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/1/13HumilitySun PMBro. Tim Trieber
12/1/13The God of Second OpportunitiesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/27/13Give ThanksWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/13This One Thing I DoSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/13So Great SalvationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/13Dead FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/17/13God Is Preparing YouSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/17/13So RunSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/13/13Faith DominantWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/10/13History-Making DaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/10/13God's People Getting Right with GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/6/13Faith DesiredWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/3/13Praise Ye The LordSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/3/13A Useful LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/13Faith DevoutWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/27/13A Determined LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/27/13The Formula for Successful LivingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/23/13We Are Not FailingWed PMBro. Bryan Stensaas
10/22/13Stewardship Banguet - Faith For The FutureTues PMBro. Bryan Stensaas
10/21/13The Contribution of God's PeopleMon PMDr. Tom Crichton
10/20/13Going to WarSun PMBro. Bryan Stensaas
10/20/13The Consecration of God's PeopleSun AMDr. Tom Crichton
10/16/13He Gave - I GiveWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/13/13InfluenceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/13/13What to Do with BurdensSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/09/13Whatever Happened to The RewardWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
10/6/13Guard Thy HeartSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
10/6/13God Is LoveSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
10/2/13Don't Rebuild JerichoWed PMBro. David Sloan
9/29/13Why Don't You Let God Change YouSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/29/13CondemnationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/25/13Faith that DefendsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/22/13Where Are You Headed?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/22/13Pay AttentionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/18/13Faith Developed IIWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/15/13My Race Is My RaceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/15/13You Cannot Move Forward until You Deal with Your PastSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/11/13What's the Difference in People?Wed PMPastor Mike Johnson
9/8/13Give Up Your IdolsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/8/13Who Needs Revival? The BacksliderSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/4/13Faith DecreasedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/1/13But He RefusedSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/1/13Return Unto the LordSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/28/13Faith DoubledWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/25/13Hindrances to Revival: Hidden SinSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/25/13Thou Hast Destroyed ThyselfSum AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/21/13Stand StillWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
8/18/13Getting Real With GodSun PMPastor Scott Souther
8/18/13And After ThisSun AMPastor Scott Souther
8/14/13Faith DecayedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/11/13Hindrances to Revival: Dethroning GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/11/13Hindrances to Revival: Sin of PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/7/13Faith DefiedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/4/13Revival & RecognitionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/4/13Revival & the Family RelationshipSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/28/13Repetitive But PreventiveSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
7/28/13Revival: A Child-like SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/24/13Nevertheless At Thy Word I WillWed PMBro. Jeremy Brown
7/21/13The Curse of ComplainingSun PMBro. Ryan Thompson
7/21/13Qualifications For Finding RestSun AMBro. Brent Strouf
7/17/13The Gentiles Place in Modern MissionsWed PMBro. David Sloan
7/14/13Revival Is Always Individual Before It's CorporateSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/14/13Who Needs Revival?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/13The Lord's Table: Before I SufferWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/7/13Get WisdomSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
7/7/13When God Says EnoughSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/3/13It's How You Look at ItWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/30/13The 4 Hardest People to ForgiveSun PMBro. Bob Gray II
6/30/13ConsiderSun AMBro. Bob Gray II
6/27/13Under A BushThur AMBro. Bob Gray II
6/26/13What Your Donkey SeesWed PMBro. Bob Gray II
6/26/13A Generation Who Knew Not GodWed AMBro. Bob Gray II
6/25/13A Battle Plan for Fighting the Good Fight of FaithTues PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
6/25/13Don't Break the HedgeTues AMBro. Scott Pauley
6/24/13It's Your TurnMon PMBro. Scott Pauley
6/19/13Determined FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/13A Double MindWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/13The Cry for RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/13Warning & Judgment Reveal a Need for RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/9/13Leadership Is in Need of RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/9/13Hindrance to RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/5/13Faith DevelopedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/2/13Who is Your Master?Sun PMBro. Tim Trieber
6/2/13Backsliders Need RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/13A Daring FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/13Arrogant People Need RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/13Sinful People Need RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/13Faith DelayedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/13The Evidence of RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/13The Need of the Hour: RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/13NVBS HS Graduation | A Sold-Out ChristianFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/132013 Kindergarten Graduation | Faith DestinationWed PMBro. David Sloan
5/12/13A God-fearing HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/13A Mother from Start to FinishSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/132013 GSBC Commencement ExercisesFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/13A Devoted FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/5/13Grinding in the Prison HouseSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
5/5/13Put Your Heart into ThisSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/13Faith DeniedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/28/13The Order of SubmissionSun PMDr. Larry Brown
4/28/13Talk to YourselfSun AMDr. Larry Brown
4/24/13Faith Defiled: UnbeliefWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/13Life is about HimSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/13Do GoodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/17/13Faith Declared "I'm In"Wed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
4/14/13Every Generation Must Fight for Their ConvictionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/13DiscouragementSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/13Faith DemandedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/13A Zealous ChristianitySun PMBro. Tim Trieber
4/7/13God Hates PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/13Characteristics of Great FaithWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
3/31/13He Is Coming AgainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/31/13Truly This Man Was the Son of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/13The Purpose of a PastorSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/13The Gifts of the SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/13Faith Demonstrated: The Walls of JerichoWed PMBro. Tim Trieber
1/13/13The Deposits of MoneySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/17/13Why People QuitSun PMBro. Andy Harrell
3/17/13Do You See Clearly?Sun AMBro. Andy Harrell
3/13/13Faith Demonstrated: Midian TimesWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
3/10/13Bless the LordSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
3/10/13What Do You Want Me to Do?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/3/13Fight The FleshSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
3/3/13The Last DaysSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/27/13Faith Demonstrated: The Faith of IsaacWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
2/24/13I Believe Jesus Is Coming AgainSun PMDr. Larry Clayton
2/24/13It's Time to Clean HouseSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/13I'll Do My PartSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/13Deal With the ProblemSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/13/13Faith When You Don't UnderstandWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
2/10/13"No" Leads to God's BestSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/10/13Successful Relationships: LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/6/13Lord's Table: Personal ExaminationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/3/13The Christian MissionSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
2/3/13Beware of ChangeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/30/13Characteristics of a Good ChurchWed PMDr. Raymond Barber
1/27/13Standing In the Need of PrayerSun PMDr. Raymond Barber
1/27/13Who Is On the Lord's SideSun AMDr. Raymond Barber
1/23/13When Tempted to Go BackWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
1/20/13It's the Foundation That MattersSun PMDr. David Gibbs III
1/20/13Sanctity of LifeSun AMDr. David Gibbs III
1/16/13Faith DemonstratedWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
1/13/13Don't Ever ForgetSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/9/13Faith ObeysWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
1/6/13Stay On Fire In the FireSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
1/6/13The Dangers of MoneySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/2/13Faith DefinedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/30/12Hindrances of FaithSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/30/12Profitable or UnprofitableSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/26/12A Vision for 2013Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/23/12The Christmas StorySun PMNVBC Preachers
12/23/12Looking BackSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/19/12Simeon-God's ManWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/16/12PraiseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/16/12And on Earth PeaceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/12/12Raising Weak Hands and Strengthening Feeble KneesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/09/12Adore Him - A Christmas MusicalSun PMNVBC
12/09/12Reestablishing Our InfrastructureSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/05/12ThornsWed PMBro. Brent Strouf
12/02/12Actions and ConsequencesSun PMBro Tim Trieber
12/02/12Be Filled With the Holy SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/28/12Authority & SubmissionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/25/12The Price of BlessingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/25/12The Sovereignty of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/12Learn to Praise God in the Difficult TimesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/12America's Great NeedSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/12What Can the Righteous Do?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/14/12Successful Christian Living: Learn to Develop Good Relationships with PeopleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/11/12Help Somebody TodaySun PMBro. Ryan Thompson
11/11/123D FaithSun AMBro. Brent Strouf
11/7/12Successful Christian Living: Learn to Live for JesusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/4/12Lessons From GideonSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/4/12GenerositySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/31/12Learning to Control Our TonguesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/28/12Winning Side LivingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/28/12KindSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/24/12Faith Promise in the Early ChurchWed PMDr. Danny Whetstone
10/23/12The Model of Grace GivingTues PMDr. John Wilkerson
10/22/12I Will Build My ChurchMon PMDr. Danny Whetstone
10/21/12The Missions Model of PhilippiSun PMDr. John Wilkerson
10/21/12God's Pursuit of His ChildrenSun AMDr. Danny Whetstone
10/17/12Lord's Table: The BloodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/14/12Let's Serve GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/14/12Obedience & FaithSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/10/12Successful Christian Living: Learn to Be Fair & Kind to EveryoneWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/7/12Everlasting LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/3/12Successful Christian LivingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/12Harvest TimeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/12PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/23/12DesireSun PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
9/23/12Finish Your CourseSun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
9/16/12Hindrances of PrayerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/16/12MurmuringSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/12/12Tighten Your GripWed PMBro. Tony Hutson
9/12/12Wisdom / Candidates For Holy Spirit PowerWed AMDr. David Gibbs, Jr. / Terry Anglea
9/11/12I Believe in AmericaTue PMBro. Bobby Roberson
9/11/12May We Never Forget / Every Generation Must Fight Wars & BattlesTue AMBro. Mark Swanson / Bro. Mike Johnson
9/10/12Don't Be an AncientMon PMBro. Doug Fisher
9/9/12Cry OutSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
9/9/12The Root ProblemSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/5/12Why Host a Pastors' and Christian Workers' Conference?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/2/12A Love For ChristSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/2/12Victory over ConsequencesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/29/12Defining MomentsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/26/12UpSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/26/12ConsequencesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/22/12The Testimony of a Good Church MemberWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/19/12Then Came JesusSun PMPastor Scott Souther
8/19/12NeverthelessSun AMPastor Scott Souther
8/15/12Right vs. WrongWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/12/12Looking BackSun PMBro. Brent Strouf
8/12/12But GodSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
8/8/12Demonic OppressionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/5/12Fullness of JoySun PMBro. Tim Trieber
8/5/12Right in Our Own EyesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/29/12He's Coming AgainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/29/12Christ, Who Is Our LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/25/12What Is iniquityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/22/12Godly Living in a Ungodly AgeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/22/12Shake WellSun AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
7/18/12Taking Control of Your Thought LifeWed PMHans Nikoley
7/15/123-Year Vision: BusesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/15/121975-2012Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/11/12Oh, What a SaviorWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/8/12ConsumedSun PMBro. Brent Strouf
7/4/12America - We Must PrayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/1/12Generational LivingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/1/12RighteousnessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/27/12The Cup My Father Hath Given MeWed AMBro. Bob Gray II
6/27/12The I Am Hath Sent MeWed PMBro. Bob Gray II
6/28/12Turn Us AgainThurs AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
6/27/12Live for OthersWed AMBro. Chalie Clark
6/26/12Become a ManTues PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/12Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More AboundTues AMBro. Bob Gray II
6/26/12"I Am" Still IsTues AMBro. Chalie Clark
6/25/12Just Because You Say It Doesn't Make It TrueMon PMBro. Chalie Clark
6/24/12Turn the TideSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/24/12In Thy PresenceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/12AuthorityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/17/12TrustSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/17/12Our Responsibility to DadSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/13/12The 3 Rs of the Master TeacherWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/10/12Lessons from LodebarSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
6/10/12Give Thanks to the LordSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
6/6/12King James BibleWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
6/3/12Be a NoahSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
6/3/12I'm Glad You're Having this TrialSun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
5/30/12What Is the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/27/12Things I Like about GideonSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/27/12Making a Memorial for YourselfSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/12NVBS HS Graduation | DecideFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/20/12Live in His LikenessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/23/12Kindergarten Graduation | What Is the Word of GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/20/12Just Get on BaseSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/16/12What the Bible DoesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/12I'm InSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/12Proverbs 31 - Mother's DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/12What to Do with the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/12How to Deal with SinSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/12EnoughSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/4/122012 GSBC Commencement ExercisesFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/2/12Helping OthersWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/12A Happy LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/12When God Says NoSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/25/12Regrets Regarding Your HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/12The Purpose of the ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/22/12Inviting Sin and Destruction into our LivesSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/18/12The Second Mile ChristianWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
4/15/12What Shall I Do With Jesus?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/15/12The Cure for DepressionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/11/12Train by DemonstrationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/8/12God's Blessing on Our Lives & HomesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/8/12Why the ResurrectionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/4/12The Lord's Table: RessurectionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/1/12The House of the LordSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
4/1/12What a Difference a Week Can MakeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/28/12Developing Relationships with PeopleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/25/12The Gospel MinistrySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/25/12SnaredSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/18/12His Burdens Not YoursSun PMPastor Tom Harrison
3/18/12What Will You Leave Behind?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/14/12Children and the Bus MinistryWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/11/12One More RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/11/12Serving GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/7/12WorkWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/4/12The FleshSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
3/4/12The Inner ManSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/29/12Excessive LoveWed PMPastor Andy Harrell
2/26/12RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/26/12I BelieveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/22/12Compassion to Change the WorldWed PMPastor John Evertson
2/19/12Last Days: His ReturnSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/19/12How Will We Spend Eternity?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/15/12How to Enjoy the JourneyWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
2/12/12BonesSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/12/12The Best LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/12Effectual PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/5/12Be Not Ye Like Your FathersSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
2/5/12Giving Glory to GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/1/12Unanswered Prayers, Part II: Hindrances to PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/29/12The Last Days: RetributionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/29/12Stewardship: The Captain and My CashSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/25/12Unanswered Prayers, Part I: Grace to HelpWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/12The Last Days: RewardsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/22/12Stewardship: Cheerfulness with My CashSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/18/12Miraculous PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/12The Last Days: RaptureSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/15/12Stewardship: Charity with My CashSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/12PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/12The Last Days - RebellionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/8/12Chaos and My CashSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/1/122012 A Dependency Upon the Holy SpiritSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/1/12In The Beginning GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/28/11GratitudeWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
12/25/11Sacred NightSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/25/11One-Directional LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/21/11What Time Is It?Wed PMBro. Tom Apusen
12/18/11Redeeming the TimeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/18/11Evidence of True ConfessionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/11Christmas MusicalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/11/11Our Greatest Need - ConfessionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/7/11Your Life to God's WillWed PMPastor Tom Sexton
12/4/11A Goodly HeritageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/4/11The Antidote to WorrySun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
11/30/11What To Do When You Don't Know What To DoWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
11/27/11Live CourageouslySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/27/11Don't Let Success Derail YouSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/23/11What Is a Good Christian? A Love for GratitudeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/11Fired Up ... Fail or FinishSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/20/11The Great InvitationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/16/11What Is a Good Christian? A Love for HumilityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/13/11Let Down Your NetsSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
11/13/11In The HouseSun AMDr. Larry Brown
11/9/11What Is a Good Christian? One Who Serves GodWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/6/11The Decision Is YoursSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/6/11Where Is Your Center?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/2/11What Is a Good Christian? A Love for the Fruit of the SpiritWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/11Make Decisions Before DecisionsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/30/11Absence of the BibleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/26/11Because of Missionary GivingWed PMPastor Mike Johnson
10/25/11Your JerusalemTue PMPastor Mike Johnson
10/24/11Another SpiritMon PMPastor Mike Johnson
10/23/11Enlarge Your TentSun PMDr. Dave Smith
10/23/11It's EnoughSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
10/19/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for PeopleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/16/11God's HouseSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/16/11How About Your Heart?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/12/11The Lord's Supper: The CrossWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/9/11No Mighty WorkSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
10/9/11Our Adversary the Devil: His AttacksSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/2/11Message, Manner, Money (Jim Carey/Barnabas)Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/2/11You're Going to Need GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/28/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for HolinessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/25/11The Touch of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/25/11The Big DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/21/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for ForgivenessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/18/11A Clogged ConduitSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/18/11Finish Your JourneySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/11We're WinningWed PMPastor Tony Hutson
9/14/11Will Your Boat Float? Are You OK?Wed AMDr. Joe Arthur Dr. Doug Fisher
9/13/11All His BenefitsTue PMDr. Bobby Roberson
9/13/11The Caboose Comes Later He is Always EnoughTue AMPastor Mike Ray Dr. Raymond Hancock
9/12/11Bible Quotation Do Your Waters Need Healing?Mon PMDr. Raymond Barber Pastor Mike Johnson
9/11/11A ConduitSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
9/11/11RighteousnessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/7/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for SubmissionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/4/11A Perfect HeartSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/4/11King At LastSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/31/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for ObedienceWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/28/11A Decade of Devotion Towards the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/28/11When God Says "No"Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/24/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for GivingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/21/11Effectual Fervent PrayerSun PMDr. David Gibbs III
8/21/11The Second TimeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/17/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for God's PeopleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/14/11Reflect and Rejoice Over God's GoodnessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/14/11Stop the JudgmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/10/11What Is a Good Christian? - A Love for God's HouseWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/7/11Triumphing Over TemptationSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
8/7/11It Will Be OK in the EndSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/3/11What Is a Good Christian?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/31/11When Does a Church Cease to Be a Church?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/31/11It's MRI TimeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/27/11A Biblical Approach when Dealing with Backslidden ChildrenWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/24/11How To Get the HedgeSun PMBro. Ryan Thompson
7/24/11Another JesusSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
7/20/11Three Things Every Christian Must Pick UpWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
7/17/11A 3-Fold CordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/17/11The Purpose of the ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/13/11The Lord's Table: JesusWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/11What Do You Need to Repair?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/10/11Living on the Winning SideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/6/11Raising Girls For Christ, Part 2Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/3/11Revive Us AgainSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
7/3/11The Condition of Our NationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/11Raising Girls For Christ, Part 1Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/11Ready or Not, Here I ComeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/26/11Is Your Heart Right With God?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/23/11It's Closer Than You ThinkThu AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
6/22/11I Will Praise, I Will WorshipWed PMBro. Chalie Clark
6/22/11Three VoicesWed PMBro. Bryan Stensaas
6/22/11And SaulWed AMPastor Mike Johnson
6/22/11FastingWed AMBro. Chalie Clark
6/21/11Go Ye - Part 2Tue PMBro. Tim Trieber
6/21/11Here Am I LordTue PMPastor Mark Swanson
6/21/11Shine as Lights - Part 2Tue PMBro. Chalie Clark
6/21/11That's UnusualTue AMPastor Mark Swanson
6/21/11You Don't Want the PartyTue AMBro. Ryan Thompson
6/20/11The First and Great CommandmentMon PMBro. Bryan Stensaas
6/20/11Why I Want to GoMon PMPastor Mark Swanson
6/19/11Our Adversary the Devil: The Devil and Our ChildrenSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/19/11Our Adversary the Devil: What Has Filled Your Heart?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/11Our Adversary the Devil: Turned Aside After SatanSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/12/11Our Adversary the Devil: He Is a Powerful FoeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/8/11Raising Boys for God, Part 2Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/5/11Trust in the LordSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
6/5/11Our Adversary the Devil: Satan Hindered UsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/1/11Raising Boys for God, Part 1Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/11Our Adversary the Devil: Satan and Secret SinsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/29/11Our Adversary the Devil: Satan's Physical AttacksSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/27/11NVBS 2011 GraduationFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/11Kindergarten Graduation How Close Are You to God?Wed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
5/22/11Our Adversary the Devil: Turning to SatanSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/22/11How to Get HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/18/11II Timothy 4 - StrengthWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/11Our Adversary the Devil: The Condemnation of the DevilSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/15/11Our Adversary the Devil: The Snare of the DevilSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/11/11II Timothy 4 - ReadyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/11Our Adversary the Devil: Wiles of the DevilSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/11Our Adversary the Devil: Attack in the HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/6/112011 GSBC Commencement ExercisesFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/4/11SelahWed PMPastor Mike Johnson
5/1/11Our Adversary the Devil: Satan's TransformationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/1/11Our Adversary the Devil: Satan's Downfall - Self-DeceptionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/27/11II Timothy 4 - PreachWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/24/11Resist the DevilSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/24/11Easter: Satan Was DefeatedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/17/11Our Adversary the Devil: Lest Satan Should Get the AdvantageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/17/11Our Adversary the Devil: His Device - DoubtSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/13/11II Timothy 3 - Know the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/10/11StewardshipSun PMPastor Mark Smith
4/10/11You Are a MissionarySun AMPastor Mark Smith
4/6/11II Timothy 2 - Do Not Dishonor His NameWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/11Evidence That You Have Yielded to SatanSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/3/11Giving Ground to SatanSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/30/11Losing the GloryWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
3/27/11A New GiantSun PMPastor Mike Johnson
3/27/11A Changed LifeSun AMPastor Mike Johnson
3/23/11II Timothy 1Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/11His HandsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/20/11My HandsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/16/11I Timothy 6Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/13/11What Does God See?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/13/11What Do You See?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/11I Timothy 5Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/6/11The HarvestSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
3/2/11I Timothy 4Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/27/11How to Approach the RaptureSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/27/11Fervent in SpiritSun AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
2/23/11What Is That In Thine Hand? Go In This Thy MightWed PMBro. Caleb Cheedie Bro. Austen Taylor
2/20/11There Is a CauseSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
2/20/11PurposeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/16/111 Timothy 3: Pastors and DeaconsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/13/11Be Not Now NegligentSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/13/11Honeymoon LoveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/9/11The Lord's Table: Examine ThyselfWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/6/11I John: ChildrenSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/6/11Obedience and FaithSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/2/111 Timothy 2Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/30/11Romans: ChristianitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/30/11A Different SpiritSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/26/111 Timothy 1Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/23/11The Corrupt ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/23/11God Blessed Him ThereSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/19/11Titus 3Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/16/11Guard Your SpiritSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/16/11The Cheerful ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/12/11Titus 2Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/9/11The Warfare of a ChristianSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/9/11No Longer StewardSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/5/11Titus 1Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/2/11The Walk of a ChristianSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/2/11Revival and PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/29/102 Thess. 3 - A Father's Final ThoughtsWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
12/26/10My WorkSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/26/10O What a Savior!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/19/10The Wisdom of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/19/10Great and Mighty Things, Which Thou Knowest NotSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/15/102 Thessalonians 1Wed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
12/12/10Christmas Cantata / The Work of GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/12/10I Will Answer ... I Will ShewSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/8/101 Thess 5Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/5/10The Hub of the HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/5/10Call Unto MeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/1/101 Thess 4Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/28/10Ephesians - The Choice ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/28/10Who?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/24/10Patriotic Thanksgiving ServiceWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/10The Commended ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/21/10What Manner of Man Is This!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/17/101 Thes 3Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/14/10Church at CorinthSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/14/10The Cure for WorryingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/10/10Life of a LeaderWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/7/10A Confused ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/7/10Legacy - What Will You Leave?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/3/10Lessons from ThessalonicaWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/31/10Is God Against You?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/31/10Consequences of SinSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/27/10How Can We Help Our Pastor?Wed PMDr. Hans Nikoley
10/24/10If Thou Be a Great People!Sun PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
10/24/10Paul's Salvation Story (partial)Sun AMBro. Tom Apusen
10/20/10A Heart to GiveWed PMPastor Mike Mutchler
10/17/10Why Give Sacrificially?Sun PMPastor Mike Mutchler
10/17/10Clinging to a Sinking ShipSun AMDr. Don Sisk
10/13/10Living With the Will of GodWed PMPastor Scott Souther
10/10/10It Is WellSun AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
10/6/10Strengthen the Things That Remain, That Are Ready to DieWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
10/3/10PrideSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/3/10You Are Responsible For YouSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/26/10What To Do When the Storms ComeSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
9/26/10You're Not the FirstSun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
9/22/10Ye Are the TempleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/19/10Embrace Your ThornSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/19/10The Center of Your LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/15/10How To Get God OnWed PMPastor Tony Hutson
9/15/10ManassehWed AMDr. Doug Fisher
9/14/10Tuesday NightTue PMDr. Bobby Roberson
9/14/10Cast a Shadow Wood, Hay, StubbleTue AMPastor Mike Ray Dr. David Gibbs Jr.
9/13/10How to Get the Fire to FallMon PMPastor Mike Johnson
9/12/10Don't Grow UpSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
9/12/10SalvationSun AMDr. David Gibbs Jr.
9/8/10A Big DayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/5/10Words to Live By: HolinessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/5/10The RaptureSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/1/10This We Believe ... About AuthorityWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/29/10Words to Live By: Sold OutSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/29/10Be RighteousSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/25/10This We Believe ... About the ChurchWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/22/10Words to Live By: FaithfulSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/22/10What Can the Righteous Do?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/18/10This We Believe ... The 13th YearWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/15/10Words to Live By: LoveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/15/10Him That Hath No HelperSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/8/10Words to Live By: GratitudeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/8/10Come Back HomeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/4/10This We Believe ... OrderWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/1/10Words to Live By: CourageSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/1/10The Treatment of PeopleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/28/10This We Believe ... SoulwinningWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
7/25/10Words to Live By: HonestySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/25/10TomorrowSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/21/10The Next GenerationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/18/10Words to Live By: VisionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/18/10To God Be the GlorySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/14/10The Purpose of the Church, Part 2Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/11/10Going Up TogetherSun PMDr. Larry Brown
7/11/10Just Drag It Out of the RoadSun AMDr. Larry Brown
7/7/10The Lord's Table: The ResurrectionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/4/10Words to Live By: TrainSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/4/10The Preservation of a Nation and ChurchSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/30/10The Purpose of the ChurchWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/27/10Words to Live By: HumilitySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/27/10Preserving a Nation Through HeritageSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/10Words to Live By: YouthSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/20/10A Father's PurposeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/16/10In Time of StormWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/13/10Words to Live By: WorkSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/13/10How to Preserve a NationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/9/10Personal PrayerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/6/10Words to Live By: KindnessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/6/10How to Make a Nation GreatSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/30/10Words to Live By: SpiritSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/30/10LibertySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/28/10NVBS 2010 GraduationFri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/10How to Study the BibleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/26/10Kindergarten GraduationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/23/10Words to Live By: FaithSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/23/10Are You Doing Well?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/19/10What the Bible AccomplishesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/16/10Words to Live By: SubmissionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/16/10* unavailable due to a technical issueSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/12/10Can Do!Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/10Words to Live By: FollowSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/10Mothers Are the Path to RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/7/10GSBC Commencement ExerciseFri PMGSBC Commencement
5/5/10A Step of FaithWed PMDr. Mike Johnson
5/4/10GSBC Music Dept. ProgramTue PMGSBC Music Dept.
5/2/10Loose Him and Let Him GoSun PMBro. Tim Trieber
5/2/10There's No Rock Like Our RockSun AMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
4/28/10DepressionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/25/10The Prayer for GaiusSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/25/10The Judgment Seat of ChristSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/21/10ForgivenessWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
4/18/10The TribulationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/14/10ProsperWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
4/11/10Servants in the Local ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/11/10Jesus is Coming AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/7/10The Mind of ChristWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/4/10It Stinks!Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/4/10What to Do When Pressure Overwhelms YouSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/31/10Playing HurtWed PMDr. Larry Brown
3/28/10When Life Doesn't End Happily Ever AfterSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/28/10Fishers of MenSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/24/10LikemindedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/21/10Don't Look Now, But Your Heart is ShowingSun PMDr. Raymond Barber
3/21/10The Name Above Every NameSun AMDr. Raymond Barber
3/17/10Heaven is a Real PlaceWed PMDr. Raymond Hancock
3/14/10Where Our Strength LiesSun PMDr. Raymond Hancock
3/14/10Wear Your Titles WellSun AMDr. Raymond Hancock
3/10/10How to Be a Spiritual SuccessWed PMTharp Brothers
3/7/10God Wants YouSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/7/10GiveSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/3/10Conviction *Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/28/10It's a Great LifeSun PMDr. Scotty Drake
2/28/10Stirred UpSun AMDr. Scotty Drake
2/24/10Key Verses in PhilippiansWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/21/10Get Up!Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/21/10Look at the End ResultsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/10When We Step Out By Faith * Decisions That Lead to Spiritual PrisonWed PMBro. Joel Kobernat Bro. Tyler Davis
2/14/10More to GiveSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/14/10What Is Thy Name?Sun AMBro. Tim Trieber
2/10/10Needs vs. WantsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/7/10A Life of VictorySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/7/10Bless MeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/3/10The Lord's Table: AloneWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/10You DecideSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/31/10How to Approach the Word of GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/27/10A Loving HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/24/10Christ, Who Is Our LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/24/10I Discovered VictorySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/20/10A Connected MindWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/17/10Getting Hope BackSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/17/10My Part, His PartSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/13/10AttitudeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/10/10The Evidence of RevivalSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/10/10The Need of the Hour: RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/6/10Couldn’t Do It Without YouWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/3/10Plant a Good Crop in 2010Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/3/10Who's In Charge?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/30/09Eight Tips from Solomon for 2010Wed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
12/27/09The Power of InfluenceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/27/09Priority Living in 2010: Be GenuineSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/23/09He Shall Be GreatWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/20/09What's Going On?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/20/09Priority Living in 2010: ForgivenessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/16/09The Last Generation: PreachingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/13/09Priority Living in 2010: KindnessSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/9/09Do You See What I See?Wed PMPastor Darren Robinson
12/6/09No Room "Joy to the World" Christmas CantataSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/6/09Priority Living in 2010 - FirstSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/2/09The Last Generation: Unsaved Church MembersWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/09HeavenSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/29/09HellSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/09Experiencing Victory in the Christian LifeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/22/09RestorationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/18/09The Last Generation: DissensionWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/15/09God's Hand is Always at WorkSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/11/09Attacking LeadershipWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/8/09Angry PeopleSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/8/09America, Wake Up!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/4/09A Departure from HolinessWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/1/09Why is God Breaking You?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/1/09Priorities For Your FamilySun AMPastor Tom Harrison
10/28/09How to Develop Bible Doctrine for Your LifeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/25/09United PrayerSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/25/09Compassion: Children in the StreetsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/21/09The Mission of the Church is MissionsWed PMPastor Mark Smith
10/19/09Are You Giving What God Wants You to Give?Mon PMDr. Bob Smith
10/18/09How Important is World Evangelism?Sun PMDr. Dave Smith
10/18/09The Great CommissionSun AMDr. Bob Smith
10/14/09Jesus' Prayer OutlineWed PMPastor Andy Harrell
10/11/09Evidence of CompassionSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/11/09Spiritual CompassionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/7/09GethsemaneWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/4/09My GenerationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/4/09My Prayers Are Not Being AnsweredSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/30/09Why People Depart From the FaithWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/27/09The Absence of the Holy SpiritSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/27/09They Shall See GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/20/09Hyper-HopeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/16/09HopeWed PMDr. Doug Fisher
9/16/09Faith of our FathersWed AMBro. Raymond Hancok
9/16/09Training the Next LeadersWed AMBro. Rick Martin
9/16/09Continuing Our Walk with GodWed AMBro. Bobby Roberson
9/15/09Why Fight the Fight?Tue PMDr. Mike Johnson
9/15/09Grace at the GateTue PMDr. Rick Martin
9/15/09Be a Bow Man!Tue AMDr. Mike Ray
9/15/09The Zone of SilenceTue AMBro. Terry Anglea
9/14/09Satan - our AdversaryMon PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/13/09Ordinary ChristiansSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
9/13/09Rejoice in the LordSun AMDr. David Gibbs Jr.
9/9/09Why Do We Conduct A Pastors' & Workers' Conference?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/6/09EnthusiasmSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/6/09FearSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/2/09What Are Your Core Values?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/30/09How to Deal with SinSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/30/09Our Only HopeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/26/09Order in the HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/23/09Don't Give Away Your InheritanceSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/23/09God is Still CallingSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/19/09Two-Mile ChristiansWed PMDr. David Gibbs Jr.
8/16/09A House DividedSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/16/09A Still Small VoiceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/12/09The Purpose of GovernmentWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/9/09Don't Bail Out on GodSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/9/09When You Don't Understand How God WorksSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/5/09Christianity is a CrutchWed PMBro. Josh Nolan
8/2/09Double HonourSun PMBro. Ryan Thompson
8/2/09Jesus is Coming AgainSun AMBro. Tim Trieber
7/29/09Three Types of Church MemberWed PMBro. Dan Azzarello
7/26/09What is the Purpose of Life?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/26/09What Shall I Do?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/22/09Be A Man BuilderWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/19/09You and Your TwentiesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/19/09America's Greatest NeedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/15/09The Lord's Supper: Until He ComesWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/09From That Day and ForwardSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/12/09Revival: The Real Answer for Every ChristianSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/8/09The Marks of a Godly Church MemberWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/5/09How to Save a Nation: TearsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/5/09Running on 'E'Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/1/09Instruction - Family Bible TimeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/28/09Living the Christian Life, Part 6Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/28/09Living the Christian Life, Part 5Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/24/09Instruction - Teaching Our ChildrenWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/09Living the Christian Life, Part 4Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/21/09Living the Christian Life, Part 3Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/14/09Living the Christian Life, Part 2Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/14/09Living the Christian Life, Part 1Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/10/09What Made Jesus a Great Teenager?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/7/09John the BaptistSun PMBro. Tom Apusen
6/3/09The Heart of the MatterWed PMBro. Lankford Oxendine
5/31/09Who is on the Lord's Side?Sun PMBro. Tom Apusen
5/31/09Almost PersuadedSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
5/27/09The Opposite of HopeWed PMBro. Alvin Martinez
5/20/09Kindergarten GraduationWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/09Is the Anti-Christ Alive?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/17/09What Must Change?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/13/09Good Rules for This SummerWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/09It's Joy You Want, Not HappinessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/10/09Your Mother's Report CardSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/8/09GSBC Commencement ExerciseFri PMGSBC Commencement
5/6/09Hope for the Next GenerationWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
5/5/09GSBC Music Dept. ProgramTues PMGSBC Music Dept.
5/3/09Ingredients of a New Testament ChurchSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/3/09Deal With What's Been Put on Your PlateSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/29/09Hope for YouthWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
4/26/09CompassionSun PMDr. Raymond Hancock
4/26/09Let Us Go On AnywaySun AMDr. Raymond Hancock
4/22/09Hope for ParentsWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
4/19/09Why All The Failures in Christianity?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/19/09The Sin of PrideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/15/09The Virtuous Woman and Her HeritageWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/12/09After All He's Done for MeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/12/09This Is the HourSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/8/09And Knowest NotWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
4/5/09What Are We Going to Do?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/5/09How to Get VictorySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/1/09The Virtuous Woman and Her HandsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/29/09Lessons on LeadershipSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/29/09The PulpitSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/25/09The Virtuous Woman and Her HouseholdWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/22/09Walk in the LightSun PMPastor Tom Sexton
3/22/09A Good Family Gone BadSun AMPastor Tom Sexton
3/18/09Proverbs 31: She Cares for HerselfWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/15/09The Gifts of the SpiritSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/15/09The Third and Fourth GenerationSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/11/09More of the SameWed PMBro. Tom Apusen
3/8/09The HomeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/8/09Hour of DecisionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/4/09The Lord's Table: The CrossWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/1/09Why Doesn't God Answer Our Prayers? - Part 2Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/1/09We Have EnoughSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/25/09Church Behavior* What is Revival?Wed PMBro. Matt Williams Bro. Estevan Montoya
2/22/09Analyzing the Church that Jesus BuiltSun PMDr. Raymond Barber
2/22/09Destination SomewhereSun AMDr. Raymond Barber
2/18/09Proverbs 31: The Heart of Her HusandWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/15/09For Me, For YouSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/15/09How is Biblical Love Demonstrated?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/11/09Proverbs 15: The HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/09Why Doesn't God Answer Our Prayers?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/8/09When God Doesn't "Measure Up"Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/4/09StrengthWed PMDr. Mike Johnson
2/3/09EncouragementTue PMDr. Mike Johnson
2/2/09The UnknownMon PMDr. Mike Johnson
2/1/09Mountain Moving FaithSun PMDr. Mike Johnson
2/1/09Bear FruitSun AMDr. Mike Johnson
1/28/09Proverbs 30: The HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/25/09Do You Pray?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/25/09Hope DeferredSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/18/09Love is the KeySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/18/09Hope in the BibleSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/14/09Proverbs 29Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/09The Second Coming of the LordSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/11/09Hope in GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/7/09Proverbs 28: The Wicked, the Righteous, the Rich and the PoorWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/4/09Hopeless HopeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/4/09For I Am Not AshamedSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/31/08What Sort It IsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/28/08Finish WellSun PMBro. Ryan Thompson
12/24/08Christmas Eve ServiceWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/21/08Raise to Release, Part 4Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/21/08This is a Dark DaySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/17/08Proverbs 27: FriendshipWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/14/08Raise to Release, Part 3Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/14/08He is Coming AgainSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/10/08Proverbs 26: The Fool, the Lazy, and the MouthWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/7/08Christmas Cantata / Raise to Release, Part 2Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/7/08Can a Man Change His Ways?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
12/6/08Night of Nights: A Christmas Music SpectacularSat PMDr. Jack Trieber
12/3/08How to Get Things From GodWed PMDr. Larry Smith
11/30/08Raise to Release, Part 1Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/30/08Don't QuitSun AMPastor Tom Harrison
11/26/08Die to GreedWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/23/08Where are You Going to Look for Help?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/23/08Because There is No TruthSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/19/08Proverbs 25: WordsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/16/08Biblical SeparationSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/16/08CourageSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/12/08Proverbs 24: A Christian HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/9/08Are You Content?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/9/08A Great PriceSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
11/5/08Proverbs 23: Wealth, Wisdom, Women, & WineWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/2/08What the Bible Says About GunsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
11/2/08What the Bible Says About HomosexualitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/29/08Proverbs 22: A Good NameWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/26/08What the Bible Says About TaxesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/26/08What the Bible Says About LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/22/08The "Must" of MissionsWed PMDr. Mike Johnson
10/21/08Mission GivingTue PMDr. John Wilkerson
10/20/08The Fields Are WhiteMon PMPastor Dwight Tomlinson
10/15/08The Lord's Table: Whom Say Ye That I Am?Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/12/08What the Bible Says About the EnvironmentSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
10/12/08What the Bible Says About God and the GovernmentSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/8/08It's Your ChoiceWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
10/5/08What the Bible Says About AbortionSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
10/1/08Maybe It's Time to Turn Back?Wed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
9/28/08When Does God Show Up?Sun AMBro. Ryan Thompson
9/24/08Proverbs 21: God's WatchingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/21/08To Keep You From FallingSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/21/08Potholes on the Journey of LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/17/08Proverbs 20: Drink, Destruction, DiligenceWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/08Yet Now There is HopeSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
9/14/08What Has God Put on Your Heart?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/11/08What Shall the Righteous Do?Thu PMPastor Tony Hutson
9/11/08Sit StillThu AMDr. Doug Fisher
9/11/08I Am AmazedThu AMBro. Mark Swanson
9/10/08Don't Lean to Your Own UnderstandingWed PMDr. Bobby Roberson
9/10/08Close But Not HomeWed AMDr. Mike Johnson
9/10/08The Name of JesusWed AMDr. Mike Ray
9/9/08Her Children Are GoneTue PMDr. Clarence Sexton
9/9/08But GodTue AMDr. David Gibbs
9/9/08The Main Mission of the Church - MissionsTue AMDr. Dave Smith
9/8/08Get a DreamMon PMDr. Larry Brown
9/7/08Don't Throw in the TowelSun PMPastor Tim Ruhl
9/7/08Find a Cause Greater Than YourselfSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
9/3/08Proverbs 19: Money and the HomeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/31/08Be a Big ZeroSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/31/08The Need for RevivalSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/27/08Proverbs 18: How to Have a Great School YearWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/24/08What Mean These Twelve Stones?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/24/08What Are You Passing Down?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/20/08Proverbs 17: The Responsibilities of a FatherWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/17/08So Close, Yet So Far AwaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/17/08What to Do While You WaitSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
8/13/08Proverbs 16: Preparations of the HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/10/08Do You Really Care?Sun PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
8/6/08The Three Mile Journey to a Family's DestructionWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
8/3/08Peradventure Ten Shall Be FoundSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
8/3/08Clothed With HumilitySun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/30/08How Much MoreWed PMBro. Ryan Thompson
7/27/08Nine Tribes Who Wanted God's WaySun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/27/08How to Live (Technical difficulties with video during preaching)Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/23/08Proverbs 14: Your Ways Reveal Your HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/20/08Jesus, Our ExampleSun PMDr. David Gibbs III
7/20/08How Great Thou ArtSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/16/08The Lord's Table: Examine ThyselfWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/13/08Why Did God Use an Eight?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/13/08Help! We're on Fire!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/9/08Proverbs 13: Prepare Then ExecuteWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/6/08Seven is for Victory!Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/6/08A Transformed LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
7/2/08Proverbs 12: You Determine Your LegacyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/08The Six SealsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/29/08Troubles and TrialsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/25/08Proverbs 11: Things You Want in Your LifeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/22/08Rest in a Day of TroubleSun PMPastor Tony Hutson
6/22/08Words for a Dark DaySun AMPastor Tony Hutson
6/15/08Five Were Wise and Five Were FoolishSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/15/08The Glory of Children Are Their FathersSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
6/11/08Proverbs 10: Wise or FoolishWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/8/08The Fourth Man in the FireSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/8/08Stop, Look, ListenSun AMBro. Tom Apusen
6/1/08Three GracesSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
6/1/08Is it I?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/28/08Proverbs 9: Simple PeopleWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/08Two Are Better Than OneSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/25/08Can We Just Live for Him?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/23/08NVBC Graduation 2008Fri PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/08Proverbs 8: Wisdom and UnderstandingWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/21/08Kindergarten GraduationWed PMBro. Dan Azzarello
5/18/08OnenessSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/18/08The Four SoilsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/14/08Do You Have Rest?Wed PMDr. David Gibbs Jr.
5/11/08The Wiles of the DevilSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/11/08A Great MotherSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
5/9/08Love the Lord With All Thine HeartFri PMGSBC Commencement
5/7/08When to Ask God Why?Wed PMDr. Mike Johnson
5/4/08Go or GiveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
5/4/08How Much Longer Will You Run?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/30/08Proverbs 7: Characteristics of a HarlotWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/27/08Propped Up or Planted?Sun PMDr. Mike Mutchler
4/27/08Create Your Own GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/23/08The Joy of the Lord is Your StrengthWed PMDr. Raymond Hancock
4/20/08The Marks of a Great Church MemberSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/20/08The Journey of LifeSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/16/08For Such a Time as ThisWed PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
4/13/08The Great Heist, Part IISun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/13/08Your Attitude Stinks!Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/9/08Proverbs 6: My Son ...Wed PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/6/08The Great HeistSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
4/6/08What Do You Do When Trouble Strikes?Sun AMDr. Jack Trieber
4/2/08Proverbs 5: Bow Thine EarWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/30/08Can You See It?Sun PMPastor Tom Sexton
3/30/08Our Life for Your LifeSun AMPastor Tom Sexton
3/26/08The Power of a Personal TestimonyWed PMPastor Tom Sexton
3/23/08Compassion (part 1) - audio/video problemsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/23/08Compassion (part 2) - audio/video problemsSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/19/08The Lord's TableWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/16/08What Think Ye of Christ?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/16/08The End is NearSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/12/08Proverbs 4: Hear Thou My SonWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/08Grounded in LoveSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/9/08A Good NameSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
3/5/08Proverbs 3: Give Me Thine HeartWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/2/08Why Doesn't God Answer Our Prayers?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
3/2/08Standing Before GodSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/27/08What Can I Do?Wed PMBro. Ron Kendall
2/24/08Seize the MomentSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/24/08The B-I-B-L-ESun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/20/08Proverbs 2: Choices on the Pathway of LifeWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/17/08SelfSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/13/08Proverbs 1: To Gain WisdomWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/10/08Beware of PerceptionsSun PMDr. Doug Fisher
2/10/08Living on the Winning SideSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
2/6/08Only Jesus Satisfies * For Ten's SakeWed PMBro. Sammy Robinson * Bro. Alex Munoz
2/3/08Will You Dedicate Your Life to Someone?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
2/3/08Fear Thou NotSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/30/08Adorning the Doctrine of GodWed PMDr. Clarence Sexton
1/27/08Stop the FeigningSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/27/08The Stewardship of Leadership When Under AttackSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/20/08Our Greatest Need: FaithSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/20/08ChastisementSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/16/08Proverbs: Simple vs. PrudentWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/13/08I am Weary of Your WaysSun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/13/08The Gateway to BlessingsSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/9/08Proverbs: Inconsistency Does Not Produce ConsistencyWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/6/08Why So Much the More?Sun PMDr. Jack Trieber
1/6/08ConsiderSun AMDr. Jack Trieber
1/2/08Proverbs: The Seven WordsWed PMDr. Jack Trieber
7/4/07In This House - PrayWed PMDr. Jack Trieber