Tony Hutson

National Pastors' and Workers' Conference - March 1-4, 2020

The National Pastors' & Workers' Conference is a unique annual meeting of some of God's choicest servants in our generation. This conference has been mightily used of God in the lives of tens of thousands of pastors and Christian workers from across America and around the world. You will be blessed by the preaching, singing, ministry workshops, and fellowship. Whether you have attended every conference for the past quarter of a century, or you have never been before, this conference will be a wonderful time of training, equipping, and spiritual renewal.

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Bro. Bob Gray Jr.

National Youth Conference - June 17-20, 2019

At this conference, the next generation of God's servants are challenged by powerful preaching, strengthened through spiritual singing, encouraged by hilarious skits, refreshed at awesome activities, and sharpened with Christian fellowship. Lives are forever changed for God's glory. There is no other youth conference like it! See for yourself what makes this conference a life-changing event.

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Missions Conference

Stewardship and Missions Conference

The Annual Stewardship and Missions Conference is always a highlight of the year. The members of North Valley Baptist Church are challenged as missionaries present their works from around the world. Members and students from Kindergarten through college get to know the missionaries and speakers through the many chapels, services, and classes. It is always a favorite amongst the members.

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